June 4, 2012

June Casey's PIzza Deals

Oh, my.  Has anyone tried one of these Mac and Cheese pizzas?  I can't get behind thinking this would taste good.  If you've been wanting to try it, June is your month.  Use this coupon for $2 off.  There's also a coupon for 3 cookies for $2 at that same link.

See the rest of the Casey's monthly deals HERE.  No coupon needed on these.

June 3, 2012

June Amazon FREE Downloads

I'll start with the Kindle bestsellersThe free bestsellers are in the list on the right, but if you also look on the left, you'll see many books for under $5.  Did you know you don't even have to have a Kindle in order to read these free books?  Amazon has reader apps for many different types of devices.  You can download that HERE--free.

You can get any kind of book for free!   These books change DAILY!  If you see one you like, click quickly and get it.  Check that bestsellers list every day for more great freebies.

 Here also is the Kindle Daily Deal.  This changes (obviously) every day, so bookmark this page.

The top Kindle books for $3.99 and under.  While they aren't free, it's nice to have a good cheap list to work from once you've downloaded and read EVERY free book there is.  (Is that possible?)

On to the free music...  You can start here on the bestsellers list.  The top 100 free downloads are in the list on the right.  Some are singles, and some are entire albums.   Find your favorites, or try out some new artists.  When it's free, anything goes.

These aren't free, but $2.99 for some great albums!  They're calling them modern classics, and there are a ton of awesome albums included (or I'm just getting old.)

Those are just my favorites, but there are a ton of great ones on the list.

 And just one more FREEBIE!  You need a FREE android app every day, right?  Bookmark this page, too.

Amazon Father's Day Deals

I was getting ready to do the monthly Amazon grocery and download posts, but just kept finding more and more awesome Father's Day specials.  This post first, and then I will get back to the regularly scheduled posts.  Father's Day is June 17, so we still have some shopping time left.  If you have Amazon Prime, the two day shipping will extend your procrastination even further.

Here are some of the best deals that I see from Amazon.

Magazine Deals.  There are a lot of $5 subscriptions, and then there are a ton of magazines with $5 off their already low prices.  Check out the two links, then some of my favorites.  Remember that you can save on auto-renew price, and then go in and edit so that it doesn't automatically renew.  I love having all of my magazine subscriptions in one place so that I can manage everything.

$5 Magazines...

$5 Off List Price.  Some of these even end up under $5.

On to the other deals.

There are a ton of great Sports and Outdoor Deals.  You can check out all the deals at this link, but my favorite is a $15 off $50 deal.   Here are just a few great items you could get to include on this deal.  That makes the items an additional 30% off, but I'm going for the ones already on sale to maximize it.  Get this soft-sided tackle box and fill it with some fishing basics, all for only $35.


Add in a First Aid kit if you need to.


This Nikon deal is GREAT!  You can add a couple of good items together, so follow along with me.  Buy the Nikon D3100 for $549, in itself an awesome price!  Get a sling backpack and memory card free (an additional $60 value), THEN you can also save $100 of more on additional lenses.  I'll go step by step.
  1. Go to this link, and click to add all three items.  When you check out, the cost of the accessories will come off the final price.
  2. Now, go to this link and choose your lens.  I chose the 55-300 mm lens, originally $400.
  3. My total before was $1008.17
  4. After all of the promotions are applied, it's only $798, pretty close to the original price of the camera by itself.  No coupon codes necessary, it will all come off at checkout.

A few more gift ideas: