February 26, 2010

Deals from my Inbox

  • Quiznos coupons (free lunch?)
  • Sign up for a house party for Nabisco?
  • Great Proctor and Gamble coupons.
  • Blockbuster Express codes BBXCES expires 2/28 and GOLIVE expires 3/3
  • Become a fan, get free cookies.
  • Freebie from Crabtree and Evelyn.
  • Free Excedrin.  Remember to hit the back button and print two.  (I only got $1 off coupon, but maybe you'd get better if you don't say you use it.
  • Burt's Bees Toothpaste sample.
  • Get $25 just for test driving a Kia.
  • Apparently prunes aren't as sexy as dried plums.  Use code ADSUPER to get some, whatever you call them.
  • Good coupon from the Picture People.
  • Free music downloads from Lincoln and People.
  • Free fish from Long John Silver.
  • One last freebie from Splenda.

Amazon Deals

Today only, the entire Rocky collection is on Blu-Ray in one box set for $37.99.  Since it's a deal of the day, it will probably go fast.

  • Don't forget the February magazine deals as February finally comes to an end.  There are some great $5 magazine deals.
  • As always, check out the free download section for Kindle books and MP3.  This changes often, so keep checking it out. 
  • Today, there's also an extra 20% off clearance clothing at Amazon, and the Friday Sale .  Looks like there are some good deals there. 
  • My last deal alert is that there is a new DVD and Blu-ray deal out right now.  These deals last for a couple of weeks, so you have time.
I think I'm going to go searching out some good freebies later today, so check back again for those.

    February 25, 2010

    Wednesday Shopper Deals

    I found some local deals for the Central Iowa fans that I thought were too good not to pass along.
    • Theisen's is having a bag sale for 18% off whatever you can put in a bag.  It looks like clearance merchandise counts, and I see the winter coats and accessories for 60% off.  Boots are 35% off, so that's still a really great deal.  I was going to say stock up for next winter, but some of this may still come in handy now *cough* 8 below.  You do have to have a coupon, so pick up one of the free papers.
    • Ace Hardware (Des Moines, Boone, Nevada, and Ames) is having a great bring your own bag sale.  Bring any size bag you want, and get 20% off whatever fits into it.  No coupon necessary on this one.
    • There's also a $5 off $50 coupon for HyVee, and a four weeks of savings flyer with some really great coupons.
    • Remember when I mentioned all the cool JCPenney savings right now?  I've located a great printable coupon for $10 off $25!  Could it get any better than this?
    • Reporting back from my latest visit to Target.  They had two packs of large (probably quart sized) bottles of Suave shampoo and conditioner for just over $1, 30 packs of Quaker instant oatmeal for a little over $3, some boys' sneakers for $4.48 a pair with lots of sizes left.  There are a lot of Bakugan toys in the end caps for 50% off, and some Ni Hao Kai Lan playsets at 75% off.  Tons of good deals to be had, bring your coupons!

    February 23, 2010

    Some Great Shopping Deals

    A little bird (ok, a reader) has passed on some great deals, so I wanted to pass them along. 
    • Target has humidifiers and heaters at 75% off.  When I went to the store, I didn't notice them, but I wasn't really looking.
    • I noticed in Target that the last remnants of the Valentine's Day items are still at 75% off, and there isn't much.  It's a great time to get your valentines for next year, though.  I also found a lot that had little craft-type things, so I bought them for snow day activities.
    • The large bulk items were mostly 15% off, but should go to 30% off tomorrow.  The large food items were 30% off, and should be 50% off tomorrow.  I saw huge boxes of cereal and oatmeal, along with snack items. 
    • JCPenney is having an AWESOME sale in store right now, with some women's clothing items under $2.  Run on in and see what you can find.
    • Coupons.com (click the button to the right) has some great new coupons out right now, so be sure to check it out.  Remember you can score extra points from MyPoints if you print through them.
    I will have more later, I'm sure.  I'm still working my way through all of my emails.

    February 22, 2010

    New Restaurant.com Deal

    If you liked 70% off, 80% off will be even better.  Through the end of February, use code SAVOR to get 80% off at Restaurant.com.  This would be a great time to stock up on certificates for your favorite restaurants.  They usually don't expire for a year after purchase.

    February 21, 2010

    The Latest Freebies

    Seems we've had a lot going on every weekend for a while.  I thought it would slow down after New Year's, but it's not happening yet.  I'm trying to keep up with frequent posting, but it's tough some days.  Here are some of the best freebies I've seen lately:
    • Einstein Bros, free item.  Looks like it expires on 2/23, so get it quick.
    • I refuse to make a joke about the freebie here from Wienerschnitzel.
    • Free pancakes from IHOP on Tuesday.  You don't have to print it out, just go on in and fight it out with the million other people trying to get a free short stack.
    • After all the free food, brush your teeth.
    • And while you're in the bathroom, wash your hair.
    • Have a snoring problem?  Try out some Breathe Right strips.
    • Here is some Excedrin to help with the headache from the snoring.
    • Since we're all falling apart, here's something else for the pain.
    • Free catalog from the Republic of Tea.
    • Free seafood cookbook.
    • I really really really love Tide.  Have a free sample.  Ooh, and while you're signing up for that freebie, you can get a bunch of good coupons.  LOVE.
    • Hallmark wants your kids to have a free greeting card.
    I will try to bring some more goodies tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

    February 20, 2010

    Weekend Deals

    There are a few good deals going on this weekend, and I'm on the fly right now so will just touch and go with these things.
    • restaurant.com 70% off today and tomorrow with code ENJOY
    • Amazon has a bunch of $5 albums for download.  No time to picj out individuals, but there are a lot of great new artists and classics.
    • Lands End has 20% off all regularly priced items plus free shipping with code FEB22 and pin 8029
    • If you do Swagbucks, look for a great promotion starting on Tuesday with lots of buck earning opportunities.  Remember to check on the swidget often for clues to where to find codes.
    • Lane Bryant has the Cacique bras BOGO50% off, and they also have some codes you can combine.  025008883 will get you $25 off $75.
    • Walgreens has some photo gift deals coming up next week, become a fan and check HERE for more info.  Highlights include 40% off prints on Monday and 50% off photo books on Thursday, but there's a deal every day.
    • Don't forget to get out to Target for what's left of the Valentine's Day items.  It should all be at 90% off right now, but I think it should be gone by Monday.  The next markdowns for clearance bulk items should be Wednesday.  Get your coupons ready.

    February 17, 2010

    Cabbage Roll Casserole

    This is another old favorite of ours.  I've always loved cabbage rolls, but the work of wrapping the leaf around is a little too much for me.  I was browsing recipes on Recipezaar and found this recipe.  It's a good recipe, but I of course had to tweak it and double it and make extra for freezing.

    This is how I make it for us:
    Cabbage Roll Casserole
    6 cups shredded cabbage (about 1.5 heads or a bag of coleslaw mix)
    3 cups cooked brown rice
    1 lb ground beef
    1 onion
    3 cans of tomato soup
    1 can diced tomatoes

    As you can see, I double the recipe but don't double the meat.  I use brown rice, and increase the amount of rice to bulk it up a little.  Instead of using 4 cans of tomato soup, I use either 2 or 3, then just subsitute canned diced tomatoes in the place of the soup.  This decreases the sodium and calories, and increases the good antioxidants and vitamins that come from tomatoes.  When I put it all together, I do two 8x8 pans, then cook one and freeze the other.

    I have found this SITE very helpful to calculate calories and nutritional content of my recipes.  When I put this one in, I come up with the following nutritional information, and also a grade of A for the recipe.

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 362 g

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 460
    Calories from Fat
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 6.2g 10%
    Saturated Fat 2.0g 10%
    Cholesterol 50mg 17%
    Sodium 683mg 28%
    Total Carbohydrates 76.0g 25%
    Dietary Fiber 6.0g 24%
    Sugars 12.9g
    Protein 25.7g

    Vitamin A 19% Vitamin C 70%
    Calcium 7% Iron 27%
    Nutrition Grade A
    * Based on a 2000 calorie diet

    February 13, 2010

    February Magazine Deals from Amazon

    We're only halfway through the month and I seem to have forgotten the Magazine Deals for February.  There are a lot that are $5 or more off, so check them out.  I'll post a few of my favorites:
    • $5 for Town and Country for 1 year.  
    • $10 for two years of Good Housekeeping
    • $7 for 2 years of Seventeen
    • $5 for Horse Illustrated

    February 12, 2010

    My Personal Target Update

    The clearance on the bulk items has already begun!  I went to Target today and discovered many items in many different levels of clearance.  The diapers, wipes, and laundry stuff is not clearanced yet, but there are many shampoos, vitamins, and other items that are 15, 30, and even 50% off.  The Up and Up (Target brand) garbage bags, ziploc bags, cotton pads and swabs are in the 50% off range, while the more name brand items are for the most part only 15% off.  Still others in the same section are not on sale yet at all.

    It's very random how they've handled the mark downs, so you may want to go and check it out for yourself right away if there's anything you're wanting.  I'm still guessing the laundry stuff and diapers will start after Valentine's Day. 

    Presidents' Day Sales

    It seems like every holiday is a chance for finding good sales on items, and this is no exception.  I'm rounding up a few of the best deals from my email inbox to share with my constant readers.

    Amazon has clothing sales going on right now in all departments, and they've sweetened the pot by adding a rare coupon.  The link to the clothing included in the sale can be found HERE and then take an additional $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 at checkout.  The clothes have to be sold through Amazon, but of course this means that shipping is free when you spend over $25 with super saver shipping, or free any time if you have Amazon Prime.  You can go in and sort clothes further by looking for (as an example) only men's clothes under $15 and over 70% off by navigating with the left sidebar.  You can also do the same thing with children's clothing or women's.

    Don't forget the Friday Sale at Amazon.  It looks like there are some additional good deals there, including this awesome cast iron skillet set and a watch for 85% off.

    • Land's End is offering 20% off regular priced items and free shipping (with no minimum) using code FEB15 and PIN 7372.  I notice they have a different code and PIN on the front page where I linked if the one from my email doesn't work.  Don't forget to check out the overstocks section for end of season closeouts.
    •  Ebates has double rewards this weekend.  They're offering 6% cash back when you shop the great Old Navy sale I'm mentioning in a minute, 4% for Sears, and 6% from Gap.  It's free to sign up, costs you nothing to use, but I just got a Big Fat Check for $7 for some online shopping I did through them last month.  If Ebates doesn't have the store, MyPoints may, so be sure to check before you check out.
    • Looks like Toys R Us is having a video game blowout, offering one free game with every three purchased.  This should be available online or in store.
    • Take 20% off at Baby Gap with code BHC72MYFVYWN this weekend.  
    • Old Navy has new reductions up to 40% off, and get free shipping when you spend over $50 with code ONGIVE50.
    • Staples also has some smokin' hot deals for Presidents' Day.  HERE is a sneak peek at their upcoming ad.  I see a really nice laptop for under $350.
    • Borders also has some great coupons out.  Sign up for your FREE Borders Rewards account in order to be able to use 30% off any hard cover or 20% off any item.  
    Any store where you regularly shop will be offering these kind of sales, so go to the website of your favorite to see what they are offering.  Don't forget to check for printable coupons or online coupon codes before you check out.

    February 10, 2010

    By Request, Some Target Shopping Information

    Target is about my favorite place to shop for good markdowns.  I have posted prior about using coupon stacking at Target in order to get some really good deals.  You can use the coupons.com coupons (look on the right sidebar to find those) and Target store coupons together, often getting some items almost free when you work with a sale.

    They clearance out toys and baby items on a regular basis.  If you shop diligently at your favorite store, you begin to learn their markdown schedule.  My favorite time for stocking up at Target is coming up very soon.  Most Target stores have an area for their seasonal items.  Back to school, then Christmas, then Valentines, then summer items.  At the end of each "seasonal" display, these items get clearanced to make room for the next items.

    Right now, they have their Valentine's Day items, but they also have the bulk section that they are advertising as "club store pricing without the membership."  They've got the big boxes of diapers and wipes, along with large containers of shampoos, cleaning supplies, ziploc bags, etc.  If you are a careful shopper, you'll notice that the prices aren't the best.  With good coupons, the smaller sizes are actually a better price per unit. 

    However, right after Valentine's Day, they will begin the markdowns.  The items will first go 15% off, then 30% off, then 50%, 75% and 90% if you're lucky.  I've found these bulk items rarely make it past 50% off, but 50% off for these with coupons becomes a REALLY good deal.  You just have to know when to look.  I jokingly say that I stalk the aisles waiting for the good prices.  Knowing the markdown schedule helps, so I am going to take the time to post the schedule here.

    • Monday: Electronics, Kids clothing and stationary (Cards, gift wrapping paper, etc.).
    • Tuesday: Domestics, women's clothing, pets and Market (food items,etc).
    • Wednesday: men's clothing, toys, lawn & garden, health and beauty items.
    • Thursday: House wares, lingerie, sporting goods, shoes, music, DVDs, books and luggage.
    • Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry.

    • All holidays except Christmas follow the 3-3-2 rule:
    • The first 3 days after the holiday are 50% off
    • The next 3 days are 75% off
    • The next 2 days are 90%
    The items for Valentine's Day should follow this schedule, which would mean that starting Monday, February 15, all the Valentine's Day items will be 50% off, but the bulk things will start with 15% off, then be marked down weekly from there.  According to this schedule, they might not be marked down the first time until Wednesday, though it's been my experience that they usually start with the VD markdown date.  If you then check on the following Wednesday morning, they should have moved to 30% off.  Depending on your store, you can wait another week for the 50% off markdown. 

    You'll need to be there early, because I'm not the only one who knows this schedule.  In our town, people seem to snap the items up as soon as they are a little marked down.  It's rare for these items to make it 50% off, so you have to really watch the items you want, and make sure you have your coupons ready.

    If you have a lot of Target stores available in your area, I've discovered that the best clearance deals are to be had in the less affluent areas.  For example, if I have a lot of items I'm interested in, I might plan to be at the South Side Des Moines Target first thing Wednesday or Thursday morning.  I'm not sure why this is, but I think it's because people who have a lot of "disposable" income can afford to stock up as soon as a sale is seen.  They don't need the really good markdowns to make the deal worth it to them. 

    Because this post has gotten a little long, I will make another post either later today or tomorrow and detail my planning for the sales.

    February 2, 2010

    Loads of Free Things

    To keep you from killing small toothy rodents on this lovely Groundhog Day, I think we're going to have to have some free things.  I've been looking around to see what I can find, and I'll stick in a few reminders of ongoing free items.  Remember that you can click on the "Freebie" tag in my tag cloud and call up the older freebie posts that I have done.  Many times, items go quickly, but some freebies are still available (or they reset the item later.)  Go ahead and check it out, try your luck.
    • Do you do the Disney Rewards program?  If you don't, maybe now would be a good time to start.  Enter code HT6G7K3XW to get 50 free points.
    • Sign up at Dairy Queen and get a free blizzard.  This is the kind of blizzard I want to see more of.
    • How about some dog food?  Get a free sample HERE.
    • Free subscription to Fitness Magazine.
    • Which reminds me--not free, but you can get a year Maxim magazine for $3.99 right now.  Don't forget to unselect the auto-renew after you make your purchase.

    • While you're at Amazon, don't forget to check the Kindle Bestsellers list for all the latest free Kindle books. 
    • Then look around for some free MP3 downloads.  You can listen to the free music while you read your free books.  There are currently 75 albums available for free download, and this list has individual free songs by many of your favorite singers.
    • How about some free tea to sip?  It will be a whole relaxing day. 
    • Then we'll veer off the relaxation path and offer a free tool from Copenhagen.  You'll have to be over 18 to register for this one.
    • Free sample of Kashi.  Your choice of freebie, and they usually give good coupons with these.
    • Curel sample.
    • Another free snack HERE
    • Free Dove self-tanner sample.  Hope you can figure out where to put the info.  Jennifer (avid reader and freebie hound), this will be a chance to try out your Spanish for class.
    • I'm not sure if ozone in my house is good or bad, so maybe this free ozone test will help me find that out.
    • Get a free water bottle from Juicy Juice with membership.
    • I love how they only want you to use this foot creme on one foot.  Take their challenge, but I'd hate to have one that's rough and one that's smooth.  There's also a coupon link on the same page.

    And, since I'm talking about getting good mail, I am excited about this week.  I got a $10 check from Ipsos, a $10 check from a company that paid me to play a game at dinner with my family, $15 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, and two great coupon books.  All the good coupons have reset for the month, so be sure to check out the Coupons.com widget in the right sidebar. 

    Right after I submitted this blog, I received a $10.52 Staples Rewards check, and $19 in rebate checks from various companies.  I think it's funny that each one of them came in a separate envelope from the same address, even though they were for different items.