August 30, 2010

Freebies and Coupons

Here are a few goodies I found around the net.

Monday Deals 8/30

I seem to find a lot of great deals in my Monday morning mail. I'm going to assemble a bunch here in one post and hope someone finds something that helps them.
  • Bath and Body Works free shipping code, or free product code.  This is confusing to me, but they may have made an error in their email.  FREE30SHIPSC will get you free shipping if you spend $30 TODAY only. They also have 4 for $20 or 6 for $24 on their fall fragrances.  Code GET25OFF might be a better deal for you for getting 25% off.
  • They have the same code FREE30SHIPSC listed to get you a free body care item (up to $12) if you spend $10, good through September 26.  There's a printable coupon HERE for the free item.
  • Ink deal from Staples.  Remember, they do the rewards (10% back) when you purchase ink from them, then you get $2 back per cartridge when you return them for recycling.  This deal is for HP inks--get $10 back if you spend $40 or $20 when you spend $80.
  • Office Depot is offering the same instant savings for HP ink.
  • At Target, they are giving $10 gift card for every two HP inks you purchase.  Our Target also has school supplies at 30%.  Backpacks and lunch supplies weren't included in the clearance yet, though there were some backpacks on clearance for $5.  
  • ShoeMall takes 20% off your Skechers Shape-ups with code BMLSHOEMALL at checkout. Even better, this code also gets you free shipping. 

Amazon Deal of the Day

Today is a 12 MP Kodak Easy Share for 50% off. I think $59 is an incredible price for a good point and shoot like this one. If you look under their "special offers" they say if you buy any two, you can get a tripod for 25% off. I'll include links to both products.

Toys R Us Cyber Monday Again

Looks like Toys R Us is going to make every Monday a great day for online shopping. Here's the link to their sale. Hope you find some great deals.

August 27, 2010

Another Great Children's Place Deal!

I just spotted this on their facebook page--great discount codes for online shopping.

US: Online Exclusive! Only 2 Days Left! Buy more, SAVE more! Enter the codes below at checkout to redeem:
Save 15% off $40. Enter code: A2C2010
Save 20% off $50. Enter code: C2C2010
Save 30% off $60. Enter code: D2C2010

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August 26, 2010

Freezable Meals

One of the reasons I like all the "spam" I sign up for on different companies' sites is that sometimes you can get some great meal ideas from them. I've posted before about Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) that I do.  Though I do not literally cook once a month, I use a lot of the ideas for OAMC in order to make dinner time easier.  I'm always on the lookout for more inspiration, so I always read the recipes I receive in emails.

My favorite part of cooking is making the recipes work for our family's needs by adjusting ingredients.  While these recipes from Pillsbury might not be perfect, they will give you some great ideas and allow you to expand your monthly menu.

Don't forget, signing up for newsletters will also give you a chance to get coupons from the companies.  I have recommended before, but if you like a company's products, go to their site and look around, like them on Facebook, and whatever else you need to stay in the know when they are giving out coupons and free samples.

Be sure to read my old posts on OAMC to get some more ideas, and to see how recipes can be adjusted.  You can even just prep part of the dinner (like cooking just the beef or chicken ahead for later use in recipes)

Christmas Shopping, Really?

One of the best and worst parts of Amazon is that it has spoiled me to paying full price for anything-especially toys.  If there's a toy you're interested in, put it in your Amazon cart and wait.  The price will invariably drop.  Obviously, this isn't going to work for the Pillow Pets or Zhu Zhu Pets or whatever is this year's hot Holiday trend, but it will work for most other things.

I have posted my hints about how to shop at Amazon, but one of the biggest things to remember is that you will have to get started now in order to really get the good deals.  Also remember that if you find an item for 75% off, you have to buy it right then.  I learned this the hard way yesterday as I watched Monty T Rex go down to $24 from $90.  I wasn't quite sure if we wanted it, but it's back up to $48 right now.  That's still almost half off, but I've mentioned before that I am cheap.

Here are some important links to use for searching out the bargains.  Remember that prices go up and down all the time.  Set your price point and jump when it hits.  Some items are a great deal at 50% off, while some have to get down to 75% off before I'm willing to bite.  Your price point might be different.
  • The Amazon toys and games Movers and Shakers list.  This is the list of the top moving products over the past 24 hours, and it is updated all the time throughout the day.
  • The Amazon Toy Outlet.  Though it sounds like a landing place for misfit toys, it's actually got a lot of items that are still relevant.  Remember on the left side of the page, you can sort the list for whatever your needs are. I like to sort by 70% off and more.
  • Starting closer to Thanksgiving, Amazon will do their lightning deals.  I can't post the link yet, because it's not available yet.
  • Don't forget, if it's something you really like or want, put it in your cart and watch for it to fall. 
And here are a few really good deals going on right now.

For every toy there, there are some other great deals in the same brands.  The Plan toys are really great wooden toys, and there are more on sale.  Best-lock is a lot like Lego, and I think they are compatible with Lego as well.  Most of the items I saw are also available at a great discount.

    August 25, 2010

    Post It Coupons and Freebies

    This looks cool!  I just got this in my email this evening--a free sample and three great coupons for Post-It products.  Thought they were too good not to share.
    Many items are $1 or slightly more, so some things will be free or almost free.  

    HOT Cereal Stock-up Deals!

    These are brand new from the Wednesday circulars, so be sure to look for yours on your front step.
    • HyVee has a coupon in their ad for $10 off if you buy any 6 General Mills cereals.  I have read this coupon from top to bottom, and I don't see any kind of requirements for amounts to spend, there is no "not good with any other offers" or anything else that I can see.  Use your Sunday circular or internet printable coupons for General Mills cereal to lower the cost--AND they are printing a $6 Catalina (cash register coupon) with this deal.
    • Fareway also has a General Mills deal; though theirs is not as restrictive in the products you can buy, it also isn't quite as lucrative.  The coupon is located inside the front page of their ad, and you get $5 back if you buy any 10 General Mills products.  The products listed in the coupon include Chex Mix, Pillsbury, Green Giant, and Old El Paso, among others.  Again, you should be able to use your own coupons to make the deals better.

    August 23, 2010

    Van Heusen, Lots of Other Deals

    • Not sure how many shop here, but Van Heusen has a great deal going on.  Through August 31, 50% off through the entire store, with an extra 10-30% off many items, and an extra 15% off throughout the entire store.  Get a membership card, and receive $10 back for every $100 you spend.  Wow, sounds like great deals for work clothes.
    • I just got an invitation from Beyond the Rack along with a $10 credit for my first purchase.  If you want to join, you can click HERE.  This is just like The Mini Social, in that it's an online sample sale of designer duds.  You have to be a member to shop, but you don't have to pay for membership, just sign up.  I found some bracelets for $10, so you'd end up just paying shipping for them.  YAY!

    •  Deal of the week at REI, get 50% off some tents.
    • Use code PANTS30 to save 30% off your entire order at Ann Taylor LOFT.  You do have to have at least one pair of pants in your order, and this ends tomorrow.
    • Oooh, a $10 off coupon code for Linens n Things.  Use code AUGWHITE2010.  I guess they learned from only offering $10 off, so this one is $10 off $50.   They also have 99 cent flat rate shipping.
    • I never shop at Bluefly, but this looks like a nice deal to pass along--last day.  It's their Bluesale, find details at the link.
    • Free shipping at JCPenney online with code 4FREEAUG.
    • Toys R Us sale this week, a few items of note.  BOGO1/2 off on all DS and Wii games, and B1G2 free on all Crayola markers, pencils, and crayons.
    • 15% off coupon for everything at One Hanes Place, you have to click through the email link to get it.  Free shipping if you spend over $70.
    • My friend over at Color My World Designs is having a big sale, with details listed on her Facebook page.  Like her and check out the deals. 
    I think I will have some freebies coming up later today.  We'll see how my day goes.  :)

    Amazon Back to School

    Amazon has some good deals already for Back to School, with some upcoming deals to watch for.

    The current sale can be found HERE.  They've got many items on sale, and you can use BK2SKL01 or BK2SKL25 to receive $10 off $50 or $25 off $100.  If you have Amazon Prime, there's always free shipping, but remember you qualify for free super saver shipping if you spend over $25.

    Coming up September 1, watch for some big clearance events to start with all of these items.  There will be an additional 20% off clearance Sept 1-7, and the Baby and Maternity sale will be Sept 8-17, with additional 10% off baby clothes and an additional 20% off Maternity.

    A new policy of free returns on clothing should help a lot, too.  I always worry about ordering clothes online for myself.

    20% off and Free Shipping for Dockers

    This is for today only!  If you need uniform pants for the kids or pants for work for the adults, now would be the time to stock up.

    It doesn't even look like you need a code to get the deal.

    Don't forget to use a shopping portal.  Get 2 points per dollar from MyPoints.

    August 21, 2010

    Last Minute Back to School Deals

     Many in our area have already started school. We're much later than our neighboring towns this year, so I get to enjoy the clearance deals that will surely be coming next week. If you're still in the market for a few more school supply items, Staples and Office Depot are still offering some deals. Sneak preview their Sunday ads, and I'm sure all the other big box stores will have something in their ad as well.
    • Office Depot's Sunday ad HERE.  I see a lot of 1 cent items, like folders, rulers, and pencil boxes.  They also have 1 inch binders for 50 cents each.  
    • Get a $25 gift card with some calculator purchases, almost 20% back.  
    • Get $10 off $50 with code 28755419 or print a coupon HERE.  
    • Teachers get 10% off, check it out HERE.
    • Staples' Sunday ad HERE.  There's a $5 off coupon right in the front page.
    • They also have 50 cent 1 inch binders, and there are TONS of coupons in the ad.  Looks like a good week to go and check out Staples.
    • This looks like a great laptop deal.  It's going to be $350, then an additional $50 off starting Sunday.  Camp out for it.
    • If you shop online at those stores, get 4% cash back at Staples and 2% cash back from Office Depot through Ebates.  If you haven't already signed up through Ebates, you can get $5 cash back just for signing up and making a purchase this month.  I've posted about Ebates HERE, but it's just a shopping portal that gives you rewards for clicking through them.  They often have coupons to help you save even more.

    More Freebies? Sure.

    I found a few more good freebies floating around, so I thought I should share:
    • Free samples of Greens First.  Not sure what it is, but I guess we'll find out.
    • Free sample of a new brand of Cheetos.  It's in the little box that changes, so watch it for a second till it gets to the sample.
    • This freebie looks out of commission right now, but check back in a couple of days and see.
    • Free sample of Herbal Essence
    • My favorite new bumper sticker.  Drive Now, Text Later.  Get it free, but be sure to tell them you're under 25.
     There you go!  Also, if you're in my area, Target has a great book for the college kids with a ton of good coupons.  I picked one up, and it had a lot of higher $$ coupons for personal hygiene and cleaning products.

    August 20, 2010

    HyVee Deals--Today Only!

    Sorry for the late post on this, but I wasn't going to HyVee for their (seems like) weekly Hot Deals and went on a whim today. I had to go and get some of their buffalo mozzerella at 2 for $4, and I saw that they had 10% off all the frozen foods you can fit in a sack.  There are some really great deals to be had right now, so I wanted to share:
    • First, their ad is HERE so you can look for the things that interest you.
    • Don't forget to grab your coupons to make some of the deals even better.  Some of my favorite deals were large fresh loaves of Italian bread for $1 and Cheerios 2 for $3 ($1 or less per box with coupons.)
    • Everything in the frozen foods section will be 10% off, and they have a coupon to get Morningstar products for $2.99.  There are also tons of bagged frozen veggies for under $1.  Frozen spinach is 89 cents a box.  Blue Bunny personal ice cream packages are 10 for $10.
    • Half gallons of milk are 99 cents each.
    • Rotisserie chickens for $3.99.  These are great for a meal, or to shred and freeze for later use in recipes.
    • Kraft Mac n Cheese is 58 cents a box.
    Again, I apologize for not passing this along before the last day of the sale, but this may be worth it for the savings you'll get.

    August 19, 2010

    Reader Request--Toy Story

    I received this question from a loyal reader, and wanted to address it in a blog post.  It actually comes up with many new releases, especially Disney or other kids' titles.
    Releases of Toy Story Trilogy is 11/2. Looks like consumers can get it for about 30% off @ Amazon or W%$^&*t. Anyway to get it cheaper?
    The answer is, it depends on if you need the item the minute it comes out or if you can wait a little longer.  It also depends on if you like to gamble a little on waiting for a bargain.  The options:

    • At Amazon, they offer the low price guarantee on pre-orders.  You can guarantee that when you pre-order something, you will get the absolute lowest price Amazon offers.  Right now, their price for the Toy Story Trilogy is $69.99.  If it dropped to a lower price, Amazon automatically credits you the difference.  They also have a special offer right now where you will get $4 of On Demand credits.
    • Target and Toys R Us often do really good deals a few days after a movie is released.  For most of the last several new releases by Disney, a printable coupon has been offered at, so you could print the coupon (if they have one) and wait for a price drop the next week or so after release.  
    • Especially with the ones right before Christmas last year, also offered their own coupon for the item.  Stack it with the Disney coupon, and you're getting the best possible price. 
    •  I forgot the long answer for Toys R Us.  They often have special edition toys to go along with the movie, and they will offer those free with purchase.  Another thing that I saw last year was an offer of a $10 gift card with purchase.  You'd be able to use the Disney coupon in addition.
    So, pro and con?  You'll be guaranteed to pay Amazon's lowest price if you order it now.  You'll also guarantee you'll receive the movie as soon as it is released.  If you are a gambler or don't have to have it when it first comes out, you can wait and see if any coupons are released.  Stacking them gets you the lowest price, but you may also run into supply/demand issues with such a popular new release.

    I'll be on the lookout for the coupons, because that's how I do it.  I'll definitely post here as soon as I find them.

    Are You Ready for Some Freebies?

    My freebie searches have fallen by the wayside lately, so I thought I should round up a few for all of us.
    If you're a fairly recent visitor to my site, I'd like to point out the tag cloud on the right.  Whenever I do a post, I put tags at the bottom with some keywords.  This way, you can always read some old posts that contain the same sort of deals.  The freebies go fast sometimes, but many times they are replenished later or there is some new offering at the same company's site. 

    There are many tags, as this is a multi-interest blog.  I don't specialize in freebies or Amazon shopping deals, but instead just share the things I find or the things that interest me.  If you've got some extra time, click around.  I have done some great posts about how to stockpile, how to find and use coupons, even some posts on how to do once a month cooking

    40% off Michals Coupon

    This looks like a good coupon, and it's good through the end of the month.  Click the link, the picture is just to show the details.

    Deals from my Inbox. 8/19

    It seems many schools in our area have started today. What about you? Are you child-free starting today? Our schools are starting September 1, so we still have a couple of weeks of fun before it's back to the daily grind.

    If you suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands, be sure to spend a little of it here with me.  I love when people share their deals with me--through email, Facebook, or comments.  Remember, you can post anonymous comments if you don't want all your information out on the old www.

    I'd also encourage you to ask if you're looking for a deal on anything in particular.  There are often sales I see that I don't share, because they are such specific items that they might not interest everyone.  I love to find bargains, even if I'm shopping for somebody else.  It's actually more fun to spend other peoples' money.  

    Now, on to the bargains:
    • Veggie Tales is 40% off all DVDs and CDs right now through 8/24.  No code needed to save, but you can get free shipping over $40 with code SHIP225.
    • Woman Within is offering an extra 20% off all their clearance merchandise with code WW46642.
    • Home Depot one day SALE today only.
    • Like The Body Shop on Facebook, and save 25% off.
    • Lands End has 40% off select products and free shipping with code AUG19 and PIN 1610.  Today only.
    • 15% off any item from Barnes and Noble with code R8X7K7X through Sunday.  They also have 30% off toys and games and a bunch of 3 for $9.99 paperbacks, both online only.
    • Kohl's has another 15% off shopping pass along with their $10 Kohls cash with every $50 spent deal.  Use code LOWPRICE15 online or print your pass HERE.
    • Like Borders on Facebook and get a coupon for 50% off five bestselling books.
    • Dove coupons
    • A whole bunch of coupons from All You.
    There seems to be a lot going on for back to school, so keep an eye here.

    Old Navy Sale

    Here is a quick post, because this sale ends today! 

    Old Navy's Kids sale ends TODAY.  I found two good codes to use with the sale, either ONFALL for an additional 30% off, or ONKIDS50 for free shipping if you spend $50.  seems the 30% off code would be the one to use.

    I've been going to the fair and working quite a bit, so I'm way behind on everything.  I'll be back later today with some more savings posts.

    August 14, 2010

    Awesome Bath and Body Works Deals!

    I thought this one deserved its own post, so here it is.  If you spend $30, you can get their great summer bag (online only, It's sold out in stores) for only $20.  This one is filled with products, which will make great gifts or add to your stockpile.  Also they have some good sales to combine with it to get you up to your $30 spending.
    You may just want to click around on the site and look for deals, because the whole sidebar is full of great sales.  I'm all over this bag, though.

    How about this to make it better?  Get 20% off and free shipping if you spend $40 with code 20FS40 or 25% off if you spend $50 with code GET25OFF.

    Free Photo Books from Artscow!

    Get on this one for a great way to print, store and share your summer photos. These can all be different books, so you can do one for each month, one for each child, send copies to grandparents, whatever you want. I use these books a lot.

    Expires on: 08/21/2010
    Effective Period: 15 days

    Enter the code at Artscow under Credit and Discounts.  (Note: it isn't a checkout code, it goes under your promotional codes.)

    August 12, 2010

    Deals From My Inbox

    Here is a roundup of deals, coupons, and freebies from my inbox:
    • 20% off at with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL
    • ToyRUs/BabiesRUs are having a good sale on Huggies.  There are a ton of great Huggies printables at (you can print them right from the top of my page, just click on see all coupons, and it will give you a list.  Check off the ones you want.  Use those coupons to maximize this deal, which is a free $15 gift card today through August 15, or a free $10 gift card the 16-20, when you buy two big boxes.
    • Barnes and Noble is having an online only sale on Kids items.  They also have an option to make your own books, and you can get 50% off with code 50off. 
    • This one's for the Ames people.  If you can get there, there's a great deal going on downtown. Thursday Deal at Miss Meyer's Clothing Consignment, 432 5th Street. Take an extra 10% off all purple tags, already 75% off! 10am - 7pm TODAY ONLY!  
    • Use code BIG to save 80% off at through 8/16.
    • JCPenney coupon, use in store or online.
    • Aeropostale coupon FFAUG gets you 30% off.
    • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Minor League Baseball tickets with Kraft purchase.
    • Old Navy 10% off coupon (Saturday only) and  $15 off $50 and good clothing deals.
    • Ziploc coupons
    I'll be back with some freebies later!

      Melissa and Doug Savings

      The entire front page of Amazon's Movers and Shakers list is taken up by Melissa and Doug items. These look like some great things for stockings or having available when you need busy work.

      This is about my favorite children's toy brand.  They make great items for low prices, and they're always a hit with the kids.

      August 9, 2010

      More Iowa State Fair Info

      If you missed my cheapout post about the Iowa State Fair earlier, you can revisit it HERE.  I think there's a lot of helpful information for maximizing your fun while minimizing your cost.

      Cheapout on Parking
      I looked back on it and realized that I missed one important cheapout--how to cheapout on parking.  We've been doing this since they started, and it also helps reduce the headache and stress involved in finding parking at the fairgrounds.  First, you'll have to fight through all the Fair traffic to get there.  Then, I believe it costs anywhere from $5 (to park in someone's yard) and $10 to park your car at the Iowa State Fair.  Once you find a parking place, you will then have to hike a couple of blocks to get to the entrance.

      We love the Park and Ride shuttles provided by DART.  Parking is free at a few lots throughout the Des Moines area, and then it costs $2 for adults, $1 for children 6-10 years old for the round trip ride right up to the gate.

      I see there is also a State Fair Express, loading in many outlying parts of Iowa.  We haven't tried this, but it might be something to look into if you've got a long drive.   Click the link for more routing information. 

      More Cheapouts
      If you received the Des Moines Register on Sunday, don't throw it out yet!  There's a free guide to the fair with maps and each day's activities.  Be sure to look at the free entertainment scattered at the different stages throughout the grounds, because there will be old favorites (Lee Greenwood on 8/12, Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc on 8/15, Davy Jones on 8/12, The Grass Roots on 8/22, among others), new up-and-coming artists, and local favorites like The Nadas, Blue Band, and more.  Plan these into your day for a chance to rest your feet and enjoy great music.

      There is also a coupon on page 18FA for half price fair admission on the first day of the fair--That's Thursday!  

      In my previous post I mentioned pre-buying the tickets and Fair Play packs.  You are still able to order these up through Wednesday at noon, though you will have to pick them up at the Will Call office.  More information on pre-orders HERE.

      We purchased the Fair Play packs last year and found them to be a great deal.  For a reduced price, you will receive:

      Ages 5 and Under - $15 (a $22.50 value)
      • 1 Giant Slide or Ye Old Mill ride
      • 1 Sky Glider ride
      • 1 Snakes Alive or Butterfly House or Train Exhibit admission
      • 1 Pony or camel ride at Perry’s Petting Zoo
      • 1 Midway ride
      • 5 $1 food/beverage coupons
      • (Children ages 5 and under are admitted free every Fair day.)

      Ages 6-11 - $18 (a $26.50 value)
      • 1 Child gate admission
      • 1 Giant Slide or Ye Old Mill ride
      • 1 Sky Glider ride
      • 1 Snakes Alive or Butterfly House or Train Exhibit admission
      • 1 Pony or camel ride at Perry’s Petting Zoo
      • 1 Midway ride
      • 5 $1 food/beverage coupons

      Ages 12 and Older - $19 (a $28.50 value)
      • 1 Adult gate admission
      • 1 Giant Slide or Ye Old Mill ride
      • 1 Sky Glider ride
      • 1 Snakes Alive or Butterfly House or Train Exhibit admission
      • 1 Midway ride
      • 5 $1 food/beverage coupons

      This allows everyone to get into a few of the paid activities and try out a ride on the midway without a lot of additional out of pocket expense.  We have gone to the Train Exhibit (great if you have a young Thomas fan) and Snakes Alive (tons of different reptiles and a chance to hold a large snake), but we're going to try out the Butterfly House this year.  
      If you use your Sky Glider ride judiciously, you can get from the low side of the fair up the big hill.  We try to start there and work our way down the hill for the rest of the day.
      Don't forget to stop at the Varied Industry building.  It's now air conditioned, and it's a freebie lover's heaven with all the pens, tattoos, stickers, hats, bags, and much more.

      You can also check out the Cultural Building (it's at the top of the big hill) to see many local artisans creating and selling their wares.  My friend Mama Peacock will be there with Jo Myers-Walker, so tell her Roseanne said "Hi."

      What's your favorite part of the fair?  Do you have a cheapout I forgot to mention?  What are you most looking forward to seeing this year?  We're all excited about the Sioux City Rockestra, and the kids are still talking about Little Hands on the Farm. 

      August 8, 2010

      Amazon Magazine Deals

      Amazon has some great cheap subscriptions right now. I will highlight a few of them. If you already have a subscription to some of them, this can just extend your subscription. They also make good gifts, so check them out. Parents is just $4 for a year, and many of the others are two years for the price of one.  This makes most of the magazines listed $5 or under per year.

      There are always new great deals starting, so check out the Today's Deals section regularly. 

      August 6, 2010

      More Great Weekend Deals

      This will be combination of coupons and deals that I have found as I go through my inbox:
      • Juicy juice coupon $2 off 4 products.
      • $10 coupon for Office Depot.
      • Bath and Body Works 20% off coupon
      • Staples ad preview with coupon!
      • Toys R Us sale ad and coupons.
      • 25% off at Borders and another coupon for a free glitter ball.
      • Sign up for Pinecone HERE!  They rarely look for new people, so this is a great opportunity.  They're a survey company that is one of the best paying, so they are hard to get into.  One application per household.
      Looks like that's about the best of it.  

      Swagbucks Triple Play this Weekend

      I thought this was worth sharing.  If you're using Swagbucks, you can score a triple play this weekend that will get you a 33 buck bonus.  Here are the details:  if you earn 30 bucks through searching, 30 bucks through surveys, and 30 bucks with special offers today through Sunday, you'll earn a 33 buck bonus for the triple play.  I've already done it this morning!

      Search & Win

      If you haven't checked out all of the special offers, there are a lot of "free" insurance offers that only ask you to put in your state or zip code--and they credit instantly.  Most of these will be around 20-30 bucks each, so you can get that 30 bucks for special offers pretty fast.  Be aware, the higher-paying insurance offers often want your email address and phone number.  If you don't mind them calling, you can try those as well.  If you just want to earn without phone calls, look for the lower-paying ones.

      Don't forget it's MegaBucks Friday, so the searches are worth a lot more today.  I've had a 36 buck win already today among some lower ones.  They are giving away up to 1000 on searches today, so get searching!

      One more buck-earning opportunity is through Kohls Cares.  Read about it here, because it contains several links and requires a few steps for your chance to win 1000 SB.

      Tax Free Weekend

      In Iowa, at least.  I know many states offer one weekend for back to school shopping tax-free, but I'll focus on my own state for this post.  Many items will probably be very similar for your own state, and the coupons I'll post will be useful no matter what.  This is a great time to get 7% off by not having to pay the sales tax, but add in a 15-20% off coupon to make it much better.

      Clothing and Accessories
      • Kohl's 3 day shopping pass, gets you 15% off.  You will also get $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 you spend. 
      • JCPenney has 3 great printable coupons.  Click all the links for the options: $10 off $50, $10 or $15 off, or 10-20% off (this one is only for Sunday).  Depending on your store, you may be able to stack these together.  Ours is usually very good about allowing this if you ask nicely.
      • Old Navy has a coupon, but it's a mystery what you win.  I just got $10 off $50 using their Facebook game.  If you are a cardholder, get $15 off $50 with this coupon.  Their kids jeans are $10 this weekend.
      • Here's a Children's Place 20% off coupon.
      • I couldn't find a printable coupon at Gymboree, but they have a pretty huge sale going on right now.  See details on their page HERE.
      • Aeropostale, get jeans for $20.
      • Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, get 30% off.
      • $10 off $30 or $10 off $50 at Avenue.  These have different expiration dates, so maybe print one for later in the month.
      • 15% off at Banana Republic when you use your Visa card.  Looks like there are other coupons at this site as well if you use your Visa.
      • Carter's has a $10 off $50 coupon.
      • Here's 20% off one item from Gordman's.
      • Lane Bryant offers $15-$75 off, depending on how much you spend.
      • Get 20% off your total purchase at Maurice's. (note that the coupon on the right is expired already.)
      • $15-$50 off or 15% off your entire purchase at The Limited.
      Shoe Deals
      • No coupon necessary, Shoe Carnival has BOGO 50% off shoes.
      • Stride Rite also has BOGO 50% off, and I'm not sure if you need to print this out or not.

       One last one!
      • This Ace Hardware coupon probably won't help you much on your back to school shopping, but it might be useful to go along with their sale going on right now.
      Just as a point of information, the list of things that are and are not sales tax free is very confusing.  You can read the full details HERE on the state's webpage (or HERE for an alphabetical list), but it basically includes clothing (but only if the item is under $100) but not most accessories, shoes, diapers.  It does not include apparel items specifically made for sports.

      Happy Shopping!

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