March 31, 2012

FREE Jones Soda

You'll have to make it quick if you want to go around collecting free Jones soda from all your local Kum and Go stores, because this coupon is only good through 4/1! You can print a few copies, though only one per customer per visit. Click here for the coupon.

New York and Company Deals

This is a weekend only deal, in stores and online. The deals are different, and the in store one rocks! All items are buy one, get one 50% off. THEN, there is a coupon which effectively takes 50% off your total. This is my favorite sale, though I prefer shopping from home.

Online, take 30% off everything and get free shipping when you spend over $100 with code 3011.

March 29, 2012

Kindle Fire $139!

Today only, and you can bet I am ticked. This is a refurbished Kindle Fire, and it comes with the same one year warranty that the new Kindle Fire gets. It's a gold box deal, and I'm going to guess they'll sell out before noon. If you've been thinking about one at all, now is the time to jump.

March 27, 2012

Amazon Toy Deals

Finally! If you've been waiting for Amazon to get on the ball with the Easter toy savings, they may be doing it. I see a few good deals, including 15% off a lot of Melissa and Doug toys.

Melissa and Doug--extra 15% off all of these. The discount will come off automatically at checkout. Most are already 20% or more off!

K'nex toys are 20-40% off, and an additional 20% off when you buy two or more of the toys listed. This makes an awesome deal--especially on the big ticket items.

Like this Mario and Gumba set is $30 at its lowest, but is $24.97. 20% off will bring it under $20.

These Fisher Price toys are up to 40% off.

These Hasbro toys let you save an extra $5 off $25.

March 26, 2012

Roku XS $79.99 Today Only!

If you've wavered on whether to get the cheap one or the one with all the features, today should help you make up your mind!

350+ entertainment channels available, including hundreds of free movies

Works with virtually any TV

Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n)

Plays high-definition video (720p)*

Expandable memory slot plus Bluetooth**

Plays the best HD video (1080p)*

Enhanced RF remote with motion control for games

FREE full edition of Angry Birds™ game

Ethernet port for wired Internet connection

March 23, 2012

What Shall We Do?

There are so many things to do in the Ames area on Saturday. It looks to be a gorgeous day for anything, so get out and enjoy it. Here are some of my favorite events:
  • Wheatsfield Grocery is celebrating 3 years in their new larger location with 500 cupcakes!  There will be other activities going on in the store (baby chicks and samples galore), but free cupcakes are always worth it.  Check out all the festivities here.
  • McFarland Park has a very special event going on, beginning at 10 am with a story teller, and ending with the release of a rehabbed bald eagle.  Read more about it here.
  • Ames City Hall will be the site of an Eco Fair all day.  We went last year and we were able to bring home some plants and other good freebies, do some fun activities, and learn more about the environment. 
Gratuitous shot of a young eagle that spent part of the winter near our house.

 Have a great weekend!

FREE Secret Sample

But Hurry! It's freebie Friday on Secret's Facebook page right now!

Coffeemate is having freebie Friday, too. Click it!

Amazon MP3 Deals

They have a lot of top albums for $2.99-3.99, more (and different) albums than at the beginning of March, so take another look!

I found Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Maroon 5. What's your favorite?

Be sure to check out the link for your favorites. I also saw LMFAO and some other popular bands. I'm sure this low price won't last long.

March 17, 2012

NEW Casey's Coupon

Looks like a great opportunity to get yourself some water from Casey's! This one is good through April 30, and you may be able to print a few. Get one Casey's 20 ounce bottle of water with the purchase of the same, so BOGO water! Click here to print.

FREE Kindle Books, Cookbook Edition

I just found a pile of free Kindle cookbooks, so I'll share them here.

Bon appetit!

March 15, 2012

More FREE Kindle Downloads

I'm really missing those quarter downloads for popular books and music. I went searching again this morning, and to make up for the depression, I decided I'd do a thorough search in the free downloads again.

Here are some interesting ones I found today, and remember that these often aren't free for long. These are all from the nonfiction section today.

And what I love about free books--I can collect them all in my cloud on Amazon. They aren't taking up memory space. I can read them when I want, or throw them out if I hate them. I may never run out of reading material.

Confession time: I've been wanting a Kindle for years, and I finally saved up my Swagbucks earnings and made the decision to buy the Kindle Fire. I was wavering between the basic Kindle (with special offers it's only $79!) and the Kindle Fire, but the chance for a refurbished Fire for $30 less helped push me to it. For some reason, $169 just sounds a whole lot more palatable to me than $199.

March 12, 2012

FREE Sample Gevalia Coffee

Target is offering up free samples of Gevalia coffee on their page right here.

If you are interested in that beauty bag, you have to provide a code from a coupon that will come if you buy a certain amount of products. I love the beauty bag samples, but I'm not sure I want to jump through all those hoops.

Quarter Deals from Amazon 3/12

Here are the deals for today!  I'm not normally one to endorse books, but The Giver is one of the best Young Adult fiction books I have ever read.  This one is great for 25 cents!

This one is dead now.

How about Moneyball for a quarter?

The Drake album I posted yesterday is still available for a quarter, and I just bought this Guns N Roses greatest hits!  I almost bought it earlier at $3.99, but 25 cents is better.

Don't forget to check out my free downloads post for even better prices.

March 11, 2012

Quarter Deals from Amazon 3/11

Here are the deals for today! A Nora Roberts book and Drake's album.

Don't forget to check out my free downloads post for even better prices.

March 10, 2012

Quarter Deals from Amazon 3/10

And there are still quarter deals! If you didn't get Mylo Zyloto for a quarter yesterday, it's still available today at that price. You can find the link in the post below this one. I didn't find a new album today, but it might show up later.

There is a new book today for 25 cents.

Pick up "We Need to Talk About Kevin" today.

I know these aren't a quarter, but take another look at the $3.99 whole album downloads. I've found so many that I want.

This Sting one is a daily deal only!

Some good for a while:

(all of these were back up in price)

March 9, 2012

Quarter Deals from Amazon 3/9

Here they are again!

For music! Lady Antebellum (in yesterday's post) is still available for 25 cents. I've also found Coldplay for a quarter.

More as I find them.

March 8, 2012

Quarter Deals from Amazon 3/8

This seems like it might be a trend now. I liked getting a popular book for 25 cents yesterday, so I went snooping around and found a new one today, also some 25 cent whole album MP3 downloads. They lasted all day yesterday, so I am guessing that they will be the same today.

Here you go! Everything here for a quarter each. There are two different versions of each album, which is why you'll see it twice.

And the book of the day, an oldie but goodie.

March 7, 2012

March Amazon FREE Downloads

I'll start with the Kindle bestsellersThe free bestsellers are in the list on the right, but if you also look on the left, you'll see many books for under $5.  Did you know you don't even have to have a Kindle in order to read these free books?  Amazon has reader apps for many different types of devices.  You can download that HERE--free.

You can get any kind of book for free!   There are a lot of good ones that I've not seen before, so I'll post the ones that seem interesting to me.  Be sure to check them out for yourself.

I found some great looking recipe books (all free, just click and they're yours!)

**looks like a lot of these books were already back to regular price.  I will remove and replace them as I spot them, but it's your notice to grab it fast if you're interested.

Some great kids' books, too!

Here are some random inspirational or interesting books:

Here also is the Kindle Daily Deal.  This changes (obviously) every day, so bookmark this page.

The top Kindle books for $3.99 and under.  While they aren't free, it's nice to have a good cheap list to work from once you've downloaded and read EVERY free book there is.  (Is that possible?)

On to the free music...  You can start here on the bestsellers list.  The top 100 free downloads are in the list on the right.  Some are singles, and some are entire albums.   Find your favorites, or try out some new artists.  When it's free, anything goes.

Don't forget the cheap MP3s for the month.  Since this is a free post, I'll just post the link to the March $5 whole album downloads.  Even better this month are the UNDER $5 albums.  I found some really good greatest hits albums from Elvis, Billy Joel, Toby Keith, and Queen--all $3.99!

And just one more FREEBIE!  You need a FREE android app every day, right?  Bookmark this page, too.