Amazon Mom

I guess those really great Amazon diaper deals were really great for Amazon as well. They're now offering a program called Amazon Mom.  All you have to do is sign up, tell them you are a mom (or caregiver), and start reaping the benefits.  What are the benefits?  Here's their FAQ, but the big points that I see are:

  • No charge for these benefits!  That's right, it's FREE.
  • Free three month membership in Amazon Prime.  I may have mentioned my love for Prime a million or two times.  This allows you to get free two day shipping on ANYTHING you order from Amazon.  No more paying for shipping or looking for enough products to get you up to the $25 minimum. 
  • Also, for every month you spend $25 or more in the baby store, your Prime shipping will get extended.** Read down for more.
  • 30% off select diapers and wipes!  They have 15% off with subscribe and save, but if you join Amazon Mom, you'll get an extra 15% off.
  • Email alerts with sales and deals on the items you are buying.
  • Not to mention, the diapers are coming straight to your house.  Sometimes that's the best part of Amazon.

 It almost makes me wish I had one back in diapers...almost.  :)

***My newest update.  If you want to extend your Amazon Mom benefits, remember that you just have to spend $25 per month (before the coupons and markdowns) from things that qualify in the baby store.  This helicopter is an awesome gift for the toy closet, and while it's only $20, its original price is $130.  It's a qualifying purchase, and it should give you another 5 months.  Just make sure to buy it through Amazon and not a third party.