If you are here for the first time, this should be a good introduction to the way my blog works.  I tend to post as I think of things, and often it will appear a little scattered.  Some posts take longer to do, because they require a lot of research, links, photos, and I actually have to form coherent sentences (or try).  I have two young children, and I think anyone else with children can understand how difficult it can be to do that.

Also, bargains come and go quickly.  I post them when I find them, even if that's in the middle of what would be a series of posts.  Because of all of this, I use key words called tags at the bottom of each post that I do.  To make it even easier to navigate, I put a sort of pretty tag cloud on the right side.  In case you don't recognize it by the purple or blue underlined words, those will always be a link to whatever I am talking about. 

You saw a great recipe earlier, but can't remember what it was called?  Click on the easy recipes tag on the right side of my blog.  Remember to click "older posts" to see all the posts that go in that category.  

I have reviewed a lot of sites that allow people to earn some money on the net.  If you have a question about one in particular, you can search for the name, ask in comments, or click on the GPT (get paid to...) tag.  I never post about a company until I have received a payment from them.  I hate wasting my time with places that are scams or never pay out, so I want to protect others from doing the same. 

Maybe you came here to look for freebies.  No worries, I post a lot of those.  It makes the bills more bearable to be able to get a box of samples or a huge coupon book along with them.

I occasionally do a series of posts--for example, my early series on how to find and use coupons.  You could click on the coupons tag, or you could find the little search box and type coupons into that.  Either way, I try to make it more simple to find the thing you are looking for.

If there's something you'd like to know more about or you have a question about anything, I'll be glad to respond to any questions or comments in the comments section under any post.  You can log in with your google account, blogger account, or even post your comments anonymously if you wish.

I love comments and feedback.  It makes me feel like people appreciate the little bit of work I do to keep my blog going.  I can see LOTS of people reading my blog every day, but sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself.  I do have people who will share deals with me sometimes, and I love those.  I will be happy to pass along the great bargains if you find something I've missed.