March 31, 2010

A Few Amazon Deals!

I've noticed a few good sales on Amazon, and with it being the end of the month, they're not going to last very long.  Some of the best include:

March 28, 2010

Oodles of Free Stuff

Here are a whole slew of freebies for your lazy Sunday:

March 26, 2010

What TV Mom Are YOU?

So I have always felt more like Roseanne, but every time I take one of those silly quizzes they think that I am Clair Huxtable.  I wish I could be that kind of mom.

Here's the link to the quiz.

Here are my results.  I'd love to see the results for all my readers.

Clair Huxtable, The Cosby Show You're a modern yet sensible mom. You keep up with trends you feel like following, and ignore the rest (platform shoes? don't think so!). Often, you're the most rational head in the family -- including your partner! And when all hell breaks loose, you know exactly how to cut through the nonsense. Still, you're not a killjoy -- you encourage your kids to have fun. But they definitely know who's boss. The Bottom Line: Your parenting style is based on open communication, discipline, and reasoning. 

March 25, 2010

Target Games Deal

I noticed this in the Sunday paper, but neglected to post about it before.  Target has many of their board games on sale this week--for Easter, I'm sure.  In addition to the low sale prices, Hasbro put out a coupon flyer with last Sunday's paper.  If you did not get the paper, the coupons can be printed HERE.  There are also Target store coupons for some games HERE.  If you remember from my Couponing 101 posts HERE, HERE and HERE you can stack Target printable coupons with manufacturer's printable coupons in order to make your deals even better.  Some of my favorites:

  • Monopoly, on sale for $7.  Use a $5 coupon from the Hasbro coupons, making it only $2.
  • Connect 4, on sale for $7.  Use a $4 coupon from the Hasbro coupons, making it only $3.  The Target coupon is supposed to be on Connect 4x4, but some have had it work with the standard game.  If you use it, this game would be free after coupons
  • Bop-It is $15 this week.  Use a $5 Hasbro coupon and a $3 Target coupon to make it $7.
  • Battleship is $9 this week.  Use a $4 Hasbro coupon and a $3 Target coupon to make it only $2.
  • Some of the coupons will work on the travel sized versions of the games, making them nearly free.
  • Also, in our local Target they have Giraffalaff Limbo and Pictureka Flipper for 50% off right now.
For Sabrina, who made it possible for me to have lots of coffee, Sobe Lifewater is 10 for $10 at Target this week, with a $5 Gift card when you buy 10 AND there are coupons!  HERE is the manufacturer's one (BOGO, can print 2 from each computer), and also has a printable right now for 50 cents off.

Super Drug Town Deal

I hope others are able to partake in this deal.  If you're within the Hy-Vee area, many of you will have a Hy-Vee Drugtown.  This idea was given to me by loyal reader Sabrina, and I LOVE it.  It seems if you purchase 5 packages of Chinet dinner plates for $10 (a special price this week), you can get five packages of ten of their travel coffee cups and five two pound packages of coffee.  Having much need for coffee in our house, I ran right down there to check it out for myself.  I talked up the person behind the counter, and she informed me that this offer rang true in any amount of plates that you purchase. 1 plate=1 free bag of coffee + 1 free package of cups.

I had two printable coupons from Chinet's website so I used those as well.  If that link doesn't work for you, go to Chinet's website ( and join their club to get them emailed to you.  I bought:
  • 10 packages of paper plates (total of 150 plates) 
  • 10 packages of coffee cups (total of 100 cups)
  • 10 packages of coffee (total of 20 pounds!)
Before coupons and discounts, my total was $85.  After discounts and coupons were applied and sales tax added, my total out of pocket cost was $19.40.

March 24, 2010

New Babies Movie

Bzzagent, one of my favorite new product marketing sites, asked us to share this new movie with our friends, so I'm posting it here.  It looks like a great movie.  Hang on to the end of the post to watch the trailer.

I think this baby is my favorite. Look at that chub.

Here is an article about the movie from USA Today.  I think this is going to be a cute movie.

At last!  The trailer. 

March 20, 2010

Weekend Deals

Victoria's Secret Pink has two good deals for members this weekend.  If you haven't joined it yet, do it!  It's free to join, and every month they have a free item or great discounts.
  • Get a free item as a thank you HERE
  • Pink (it's a brand, not a color) undies are 7 for $25 through March 22nd only!  This works in store, or use coupon code VSPINK7 online to get this deal.
What else have I found?
  • This is a freebie with some really good information on how to live frugally with a small pantry.  Thanks to Hillbilly Housewife
  • The Mini Social is having an Easter Blowout with a lot of great dresses.  It's invite only, but you just have to click HERE for your invitation. 
  • Nice!  A 20% off printable coupon for Bath and Body Works.  Shop online with code SPRING20
  • Snapfish has a few good deals right now.  I see 20 free cards with a $10 purchase.  Use code MYCARDS till March 21.  Save 20% at the spring store, using code SPRINGSHOP by March 31.  And one last one, get 120 prints for $10 using code 120STPAT by March 31.

March 18, 2010

Kum & Go Coupons--Free Items!

Get on their mailing list, because these usually involve cents off gas.  This month's coupons include a free can of something called Celsius and a free bottle of juice.  I know it says one per person, but I have been able to print multiple copies.  Enjoy!  (Go to the link to print.  This is just a pretty picture to make the post look more interesting.)

PS, for the people looking for that BOGO Qdoba coupon, I see it down and to the right again now.  It wouldn't let me print again, so do a few if it lets you print.

March 17, 2010

Kids' Shoes Sale on Amazon!

I love when they have this sale!  It's 50% off or more on Kids' shoes, and they have some really great brand names.  I'll post a few highlights, but check out this link...50% off Kids' Shoes!

Hurry to get the best deals!

Coupons and Freebies

Here are a few more great deals:
  • Tide coupons
  • Babies R Us is having a deal on Saturday only where you can get a $20 gift card if you buy 2 boxes of the new Pampers.  No coupon needed, but it looks like it is in-store only.
  • Gap is having their give and get promotion, where you can get a 30% off coupon for Gap or Gap Outlet though Sunday.  
  • Free samples of Kashi!
  • Free admission to museums from Bank of America!
  • Free sample of Purex 3 in 1
  • I've already posted this, but it's available again if you missed it.  6 Free samples of Taster's Choice coffee.
  • Aveeno hair care sample
  • Cream of Wheat sample

March 15, 2010

Amazon $5 Magazine Deals

There are several $5 magazine deals this week, perfect gifts!

For the men in your life:

For the teens (check out the 2 year subscription for $10):

For the fashion lovers:

For you:

Back with some freebies later! I'm spring cleaning right now.

March 13, 2010

Weekend Shopping Deals

I have a few good coupons in my email inbox I thought I should share.  I'll throw in some freebies, too.

  • Today is the last day for an additional 20% off Gap sale items.  Use code GAPEXTRA20.
  • Lands End sent a 20% off and free shipping code.  Use MARCH15 and PIN 1410 to take advantage of this one that expires on Monday.
  • Really great printable coupon for the Incredible Pizza Company. 
  • Artscow has the canvas prints for 9.99 for the first, 6.99 for each additional with free shipping.  Use code 2010CNVSPRINT through March 19.
  • Follow Earthbound Farms on Facebook and get in line for their Earth Day giveaways throughout the month of April.
  • Pampers sample for Sam's Club members.
  • Newman's own coupon
  • Free Bible
  • Hardee's coupon
  • Free Poise sample
  • Emergen-C sample
  • Free poster

March 11, 2010

Need a Cheap Date?

I am currently working on some new material for the blog, but I have a friend who is just starting up a blog with information on cheap or free date ideas in the Ames, Iowa area. Keep an eye on her blog for some great fun things for adults. She plans to add a sister site for the preschool set sometime soon.

Here she is:


March 8, 2010

How to Earn with Swagbucks

I have many friends doing Swagbucks now, and I've had to repeat how to earn a few times, so I thought it would be a good time to make a list on my blog.  I started Swagbucks at the beginning of January, and have earned $65 in Amazon gift cards so far.  I'm about halfway to the next $5 gift card already, so it is adding up faster than many of my favorite GPT (get paid to...) sites.  If you aren't doing it yet, go ahead and click on the picture below to get started.  It's no obligation, and you just use it like you would google.

Search & Win

Here is a list of the best ways to earn:
  • Search using swagbucks.  I know I use google a lot when I want to find certain pages, or if I see something I want to learn more about.  I think it works best if you don't sit and search over and over.  They want you to use natural searching, so that's what I try to do.  It seems random how they hand out the bucks, so doing it repeatedly might do no good.
  • They have a special offers page where you can earn more.  I am not one to do those kinds of things, but you can join Netflix or Blockbuster and earn a lot, among a lot of other things.  There are free trials and no obligation offers that won't cost you any money.  
  • Even if you don't do the special offers, if you go to the "No Obligation" section every day and skip each one to the end, you'll get 2 SB a day.
  • The different special offers pages will have videos you can watch for 1-3 SB each, and sometimes you can find another one on the front page.
  • The swidget on my right sidebar will often list a code or give a clue as to where to find the code.  These are limited time bucks, and usually happen once or twice a day.  Some days there will be many more.  Just click where it says check for code, and it will say if there is one available.
  • You can also earn 3 SB for every 10 videos you watch on Swagbucks TV.  I've found this one to be good if you switch back and forth between screens. 
  • Answer surveys in the Trusted Surveys section.  These will usually earn you 50-200 Swagbucks, but even if you don't qualify, you can get 1 buck for trying.  They'll give you up to 5 SB per day for disqualifying.
  • Referrals are one of the best ways to earn.  You will receive every search buck your friends do until they hit 1000 bucks earned.  If you have 10 referrals, that can mean 10,000 bucks that you didn't have to work for.  NICE.
  • Link your Swagbucks account to your Facebook account, and it will post on your page every time you search and win or find a code.  This helps with two things: you may get more referrals, and when your friends get a search win, the chances are good that if you go and do a search, you will too.  Just today I logged into Facebook and saw that two of my friends got a code, so I hit the swidget and found it, too. 
I hope you'll find the tips helpful in doing your earning.  I've found that this is a little more time intensive than some of the other GPTs that I do, but the earning potential is a little higher as well.

March 5, 2010

Wednesday Shopper Deals

I saw some really great deals in the free paper from Wednesday.  Talking to others, I noticed that most people don't actually look in these ads, so I thought I should pass them along. 

  • The biggest one that I noticed this week is a 3 day sale at HyVee.  They're calling it a freezer stock up sale, and some people might be interested in the pre-made items in the ad.  I don't buy those items, because I am able to stock my freezer with items I make.  (see OAMC posts I've done)  What might be more interesting is the freezer they are offering.  You buy it for $199, and get $200 worth of free food item coupons. 
  • Also, Aldi has their weekly special buys, which include rain coats and rain boots for $6.99.
  • Fareway has boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 a pound this week, which is a pretty great deal.  Red or green grapes are 98 cents a pound, and they have canned veggies 5 for $2.  There are a lot of other great deals in Wednesday's ad, and don't forget that you can ask Fareway to price match any competitor's ad, but they usually do it automatically.

March 2, 2010

New Coupons Reminder

Just a few coupon reminders for the day:
  • Usually I have to point people off site for freebies, but there's a BOGO coupon right in one of the ads on the right side for Qdoba.  I don't think we have any of these stores around, but it's making me hungry every time I see it.  

  • Also, I just remembered that I neglected to mention the new printable coupons from all the coupon sites.  Be sure to look and see if there's anything good for you.  

  • One more that I didn't mention from my Target shopping:  There are large boxes of Pampers Easy-Ups that are marked with coupon books inside.  I was able to use some current Pampers coupons in order to buy the large box, and then there were $30 of GOOD P&G coupons inside that box.  It made it worth it to buy.  
  • In addition, there were some large boxes that had a huge variety of Huggies wipes for $15--the price totalled up to be a decent deal, use a coupon and it gets a little better.  THEY were also marked with coupon books inside.  There were some awesome Huggies coupons, and even better was the fact that they were Target coupons, which means you can stack them with the Huggies manufacturer's coupons. 

Amazon March Bargains

I'll start here because these are a one day deal and will sell out fast.  They did the last time Amazon put them on sale.  They've got Bearpaw boots for under $30, and there are three styles.  You have to be sure to buy the ones sold by Amazon in order to get the sale price and the free Super Saver shipping.  You'll discover as the day goes on that the only boots offered in this style will be a higher price as the Amazon ones sell out.

Magazine deals change monthly, but here is the steal of the week.  Entertainment Weekly for $10 for a whole year is a pretty great bargain.  Just remember to go in after your purchase and unclick auto-renew.

The other magazine deals include the ones with an instant $5 off and some more with a $10 Amazon bonus.  Browse around for your favorites.

Don't forget to look for more free books for your Kindle and Free MP3 downloads, and a whole new batch of $5 Album downloads.