December 31, 2010

Attention Target Shoppers

I ventured out in the ice to Target today, and what luck! Although the normal Target holiday markdown schedule dictates that it would hit 75% off on Wednesday or Thursday, it didn't. It was still marked 50% off (and 30% off for food items) today in our store, but it scanned all at 75% off.

The Ames store has a huge selection left, or did when I walked out of it.  There were some really good rolls of wrapping paper for 25 cents each in the dollar spot--which also was only marked 50% off but rang up 75% off.  There were many ornaments, indoor and outdoor lights, scotch tape (75% off!  3 rolls for 75 cents!), bows, boxes, along with some great looking tablecloths, many of which didn't look very Christmassy.

In the toy section, the clearance has begun.  Lots of toys are 30% off, with a few already marked half off. 

Don't forget to check other end caps, because there were some nice bath and body and perfume gift sets that were marked down to 30% off.  I didn't scan any to check if they were also lower than marked, but it's worth a shot.

In the "things you need" section, furnace filters are marked down to $9.99 with a $5 gift card when you buy two.  There are also a lot of home decorating items that are 30-50% off mixed in along with the regular-priced items.  It has been my experience that around the 7th of January many of these items will get marked lower and consolidated into the end caps.

December 29, 2010

Emu Boots Gold Box Deal

Well, I'm off to Target to check out their clearance, but a quick check of the Amazon gold box deals reveals only one worth noting. Though it's only one deal, it's a doozy if you love shoes and boots.  Emu boots for 70% off!  There are many pairs in the $20-30 price range, which is really good.  You can click the link for all of them or here are some of the best deals.

December 28, 2010

Shifting Gears

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I am shifting gears in my home for the new year, and I'll be shifting gears in the blog as well. I spent a lot of time and energy finding and posting Amazon deals, and I can tell by the increase in site traffic that it was appreciated.

I will still post great deals from Amazon when they come up, but it will be more like weekly instead of multiple posts per day.  If you still need some Amazon retail therapy, I made a static post from a post a while back that had all the links to the best parts of Amazon.  You can find that at the top of any page on my blog.

Here's one that I really like right now. Use your Video on Demand credits (I know you got some from buying DVDs over the last few months) in order to rent a movie or television show you may like. When you rent movies or tv shows on this list, you will get a $4 or $5 credit toward the purchase of that same DVD.  If you use Twitter, you can also get $5 VOD credits for tweeting this page.

An example:  rent Toy Story 3 for $3.99 through VOD.  You will then get $5 toward the purchase of the DVD, which happens to be on sale for $9.99 right now, making it $4.99.  If you haven't purchased a DVD that works for the VOD promotion, you will THEN receive an email with $5 in VOD credits.

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are also available for the same promotion, as well as the new Karate Kid movie (only $9.99 for the DVD/Blueray combo).  Here is the list of family movies that are included, and what follows are the separate DVD deals. 


Now that the buying frenzy is mostly over, I will shift back to some of the other topics that I enjoy. I'd love to hear from readers on what topics you would like to see me cover.

After Christmas Sales

Now is the time of year that my focus gets shifted to cleaning up the messes from the holidays and downsizing what we have. It is also a great time to get decorations, wrapping paper, and tape. Need a new Christmas tree? Ours was 75% off a couple of years ago.

Another thing that is starting is the famous (to me, anyway) Target after Christmas toy clearance. All the items that didn't get out of there as Christmas gifts have to go, and they've already started the markdowns.

I haven't gotten to our local store yet, so report back if you have. I'll probably get there today or tomorrow and will share my finds then.

Kmart will mark down very gradually (or they have in years past) so their good deals will come a little later.

What's your favorite after-holiday stock-up? I think I have finally used up all of my wrapping paper, so I do have to get a little for next year.

December 22, 2010

20% off EVERYTHING at Michael's

Sure, they have 40% off coupons all the time, but that's only on one item. I just got this in my email and thought it was worth sharing--20% off your entire purchase at Michael's printable coupon. You'll need to use it by December 24.

The Children's Place 25% off TODAY ONLY

Use code C7C2010 to get 25% off at The Children's Place, but the code is only good today. There are three printable coupons, one for 25% off today, one for 20% off tomorrow, and 15% off on Friday. You can click here to get and print the online coupons.

Deals From My Inbox, 12/22

Sorry for the lack of posting. I hope that most everyone is finished with their shopping and just as busy as I am preparing for all the Holiday fun. We have visitors, traveling, and church and school obligations galore, so I am just trying to keep up with every day right now.

I'm catching up on my inbox, and I'll say something--I'd guess none of this is going to work for last minute shopping unless you can go in store to pick the items up.  Amazon says if you order before 3 pm, you'll still get it with 2 day prime shipping.  Some stores are offering expedited shipping as well.
  • From Amazon, a lot of DeWalt drills for 50% off.  Remember, they still have the automatic $25 off $100, so this should make them even better drills.  One is in the Gold Box today for over 60% off.

  • 8 free photo books from Artscow with code FAV8X8BKS, expires 12/31, and you have 30 days to use it once you activate the code.
  • 25% off one item at Barnes and Noble-printable coupon.
  • 33% off one item at Borders--Printable coupon.
  • Today only, everything in store at Eddie Bauer is 30% off.  No coupon needed.
  • Fashion Bug is upgrading you to free 1 day shipping if you spend over $100 if you order by noon tomorrow.  Use code 776420804 and choose one day air.  They have 30% off almost everything, buy 3 get 3 free panties, bras buy 2 get 2 free, shapewear is BOGO, and these sueded sherpa boots (not Uggs, but nice looking) are $12.
I'll send this as is for now, but will try to add new things throughout the day.

December 20, 2010

A Crafty Christmas

I always like to get crafting gifts for kids. For one thing, the items are usually items that you can use up, meaning that it won't be living in my house for a long time. They also give kids something to do--keeping them busy AND allowing them to use their own creativity.

I was posting about all the toys that are discounted 70% or more, and started looking through all of the good deals. Right or wrong, some of these items might be good disposable activities to save for snow days. There's nothing like pulling out a new item from the gift closet and opening it to keep kids busy for a large portion of the day.

Some of these I wouldn't dream of paying full price for, some I might not ever buy, but at these prices they're almost a "free sample" to test if you'd like it.

Here's an example. Moonsand and Moon Dough. Kids see this and want it, parents see this and shrink back in horror. It's worth a try for $5.

Aquasand, loved this as a kid.

Some other good kits


Last Minute Shopping

It's getting down to it now. Tomorrow is the last day to get things to the post office if you hope for them to get to their destination by Christmas. I guess I'd better finish addressing my Christmas cards, then. Wednesday is the last day for prime shipping from Amazon.

This should be really good day or two of deals as Amazon tries to woo your last minute shopping dollars.

Here is what I've found so far today:

Garmin Nuvi 75% off--selling for under $100. Also, many other GPS units have an instant $20 off with code SAV2OGPS.  That makes the Magellan Roadmate $76 and change after the discount.

This looks like a great video camera bundle for only $149.95

Here are some great low-priced toy gifts.

December 19, 2010

75% off Outerwear

Here is a great deal! Amazon has 75% off much outerwear today.  Here are some links to help you out.
Some of the highlights I saw were snowpants in the boys section for $7.50.  There were also some princess and dora coats for girls marked way down.

December 18, 2010

Welcome Weekend

If you're one of my many weekend-only visitors, enjoy looking through the deals that I've posted throughout the week. I will post a little this weekend, but we've got a lot of things going on. The Amazon deals are mostly still good--and some may have gotten better.

Some highlights:

Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone.

December 17, 2010

PlayStation 3 PS3 160 GB

This deal's DONE.

Get it for $298, and then get $100 back in Amazon credits to buy some good games. Looks like a great deal! Look back and find two posts in the past two days where you can buy some games and also get credit back.

These credits are put directly into your Amazon account within a couple of days of purchase--it's automatic, too, so no filling out rebate forms and waiting for 6-8 weeks for it to come back to you.

Friday Sale

I'm sure the prices are so good here because no one is buying food or housewares with the upcoming holidays, but if you're looking for some good prices on these items, you're in luck.

Community Coffee (these end up being just over $3.50 a bag after Subscribe and Save)

Lipton Teas, 15% off with S&S, and then an additional 15% off with code UNLVRHL5

These Dilmah teas are on sale (note that they are 2 canisters each) and look nice for gift-giving. $7.65 for 2 (with S&S) is a great deal.

We love these! Snapea Crisps 12 Bags, and 15% off with S&S

This is 12 of the bigger bags of Pirate's Booty, and 15% off with S&S. They have 24 packs of the smaller individual sizes at a good price as well.

Use code FUSIONC5 to get $5 extra off these 2 packs of Starbucks Fusion, making them only $4 per bag.

Eight 'o Clock Coffee 40% off.

Save an extra 25% on select Davinci syrups and Orgeon chai concentrate sold by Save 10% when you enter code OREGOCH3 at checkout. Plus, save an additional 15% when you combine the instant rebate with your Subscribe & Save order--bringing your total savings to 25%. Offer valid through December 31, 2010.

 Aww, most of these won't make it for Christmas, but they look indulgent for any other time of the year. Use code CAFFEDA3 for 10% off and S&S for 15% off on 3 pages of delicious coffees, teas, and cocoas.

Bon appetit!

Amazon Video Game Deal of Day, 12/17

There are three great deals of the day on video games today on Amazon.  It looks like the $15 promotion that I posted about yesterday is also still active, so scroll down through my posts and check it out.

1. Much like yesterday's deal, this one has $10 off every video game in the promotion, and then a $20 Amazon certificate when you buy two of them.  You'll want to look at all the games included, but here are a few:

2.  The next is a $30 certificate with four select Nintendo DSi, including one DSi XL.  Here's the link to the deal, and then the four that are included.  These are marked down to $139.99 for the first three.  The DSi XL is only $169.99, but the $30 discount brings it down even lower.

3.  The third is day 18 of their days of deals in Video Games, and it includes fitness games.  You can see all the deals here.


Remember that each deal has many more items included. I just posted a few of my favorites/best markdowns in each area. Check out the links for more deals.

Also, if you are looking for toy deals, most of the prices I've posted in previous days are still valid, or you can look at these links:

Terrific DEWALT Drill Deal, Today only

This DeWalt drill, originally up to $400 depending on the size, is marked down. For the 12V, it's $118.50, 14.4V $163.21, the 18V is CHEAPER at $159.88. Even better, Amazon has that DeWalt discount for $25 off $100, making the 18V drill $124.88 after all discounts. That's a great deal for a great drill.

Check out my other tool post for more great tool deals.

It's Free Shipping Day

Today is free shipping day across the internet, so now would be the day to do any online shopping you need to do. The list of stores is way too big for me to post here (more than 1700 merchants) but you can check for your favorite store HERE.

I will add to this post throughout the morning with some good deals for favorite merchants, so that you can get a percentage off with the free shipping.
  • Disney Store, BOGO pajamas and stuffed animals.
  • Old Navy ONSAVE20 for 20% off your order.
  • Gap has additional 20% off everything, then a code for 25% off GAPSAVENOW.
  • Children's Place Monster Sale and code X3CHEAZZ12A for 20% off.
  • Bath and Body Works, 20% off and free shipping over $50 with code F102777.
  • Barnes and Noble RetailBN gets you 15% off today.
  • Kohls, TAKEOFF20 for 20% off.  Their free shipping is over $50.  
Do you have any more to add?  Comment here and I'll get them in.  If there's one you'd like to request, I can also find it for you.  These are just some of my favorite stores.

December 16, 2010

$15 off two Video Games, PLUS Sale!

This is a great deal, and there are many games included in the deal. They have to be two games from this list of titles already on sale, then a $15 certificate from Amazon.  Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the link above to show the whole list and the details of the promotion.  They usually apply these right to your account within a few days.

December 15, 2010

Amazon Ride on Toys Sale!

I wasn't going to do another Amazon post today, but they've got a ton of great ride-on toys that just went over 60% off. Many are even 70% off. They're great name brands like Radio Flyer and Schwinn, so it's worth a look if they're on your list.

Free shipping on all of these makes the savings even greater!

Amazon Video Game Deal of the Day

Amaazon's video game deals of the day are all Activision children's games. See the entire list here, and I will post some of the highlights. These deals apply to all platforms, so you'll find something for Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, XBOX 360, and even Windows systems.

Amazon 50% off Many Board Games

Many of these didn't make it to my under $5 post, but they are too good to pass up. I'll only post things that are more than 50% off.

I don't know what this first one is, but it's an Amazon exclusive and 60% off. I hope someone likes it.

Now the more reasonably priced:

My highlights in here are the Blokus travel game, the Lego race game, John Wayne Monopoly, and The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly.  Sorry to include so many, but there are a lot of good deals to be had here.

Amazon Toy Deals 12/15

I know a lot of people enjoy looking at the toy deals from Amazon, so I apologize for not doing individual links yesterday. I'll try to get a lot more today to make up for it. The prices are still low, and some are getting into the ridiculous category.

Of course, the lightning deals are still going on.

The under $5 list of toys is now over 5 pages long! I'm only posting the newest and latest deals that I see.  You can also check out the previous deals I've posted by clicking here and looking back.  The prices are listed in the little photo, so you'll be able to quickly see some that have gotten even better since originally posted.

Hands on Activities

 Board Games

Character Toys

Fighting toys

Car and Truck Toys

Toddler Toys

What I love best about these deals is that I'm getting 75% or more off on great toys that are actually new and hot--not the leftover clearance or off brands from the dollar store. These make good gifts, not just for Christmas, but for my toy closet for birthday gifts later in the year.

JC Penney Wednesday Deals (AND MORE!) 12/15

JCPenney has a lot going on online today, but don't discount going into the store.

Yesterday I went in the store to use a coupon I had, and noticed that there are some really great bargains to be had there. It seemed like most everything in the store was 50% off, and you get an additional 15% off for using your JCPenney Rewards card.  It's free to join JCPenney Rewards, and they send $10 coupons often.  Here's a coupon for $10 off $50 you can print as well.  (Expires 12/18)

The salon had some great deals!  They have all the gift sets of hair care products at least 25% off AND:
  • Chi flat irons are $79.99 
  • BOGO 50% off OPI nail polish 
  • BOGO $1 styling products
  • $19.99 for CHI and Biosilk gift sets.
  • $14.99 for Matrix, Joico, Paul Mitchell, Redken, and Nexxusgift sets
  • The best part is the coupon, for $15 off $75 or $10 off $35 for your salon purchase.  They had plenty of coupons available at the front of my store, or you can print it HERE.  (Expires 12/18) This is a great opportunity to stock up on salon shampoos and conditioners for drugstore prices.

Now, on to the online savings!

Here is the link to the Wednesday Deals in the outlet.  Some of the best deals I see:
Aside from the Wednesday deals, they also are having a 2 day sale in store and online, so check that out HERE.
    The coupon codes I've found-- FALALA for free shipping when you spend $69 or more--but you can also have your stash shipped to the store and pick it up free.  PCWINTJC for 15% off.  SHOP4LIZ is $10 off $50, but does not apply to toys.

    If you know of another coupon code, please share in the comments.  Happy Shopping!

    December 14, 2010

    $10 off $20 Sears Clothing Coupon

    I just saw this on a commercial, just caught it as we turned the channel to Dinosaur Train. Sears is having a big sale on apparel, and they have a $10 off $20 printable coupon to make it even sweeter. This coupon is good for Wednesday and Thursday, so don't go running out trying to use it today.  I'm not trying to give bad advice, but pdf coupons are usually good for, ahem, a "few" printings.

    Look for JCPenney and Kohls to have something awesome tomorrow as well. It's Wednesday, after all. I'll post as soon as I see their sale info.

    Video Game Console Deals

    Looks like there are some great deals to be had on video game consoles. The black Wii bundle is only $177. It includes:

    • Wii Console and Wii Remote Plus
    • Wii Sports Video Game
    • Wii Sports Resort Video Game

    The white bundle (same link, just switch to white) is $199--but comes with a $50 Amazon credit.

    The PS3 bundle is $299.99--but with a $75 Amazon credit. Looks like a great time to buy if you've been waiting for the best price for the Play Station 3.

    You can use the Amazon credits to buy more games for the console.

    Amazon Toy Deals 12/14

    If you've gutted it out for this long waiting for the deals, they started all over Amazon while I slept. It seems like a million things dropped in price. It's hard to even know where to start. Gifts under $10 (be sure to switch through all the tabs) and the $5 and under gifts should be a good jumping off point. These aren't dollar store deals--they're toys that were $20 (and sometimes more) that have been marked down that low.

    I'll be doing a post with individual deals later, but that should start your shopping out.  You can also look back through my past toy deals posts, because most of the items I've already posted have dropped even lower now.

    December 13, 2010

    12 Bottles of WIne for $85 Shipped

    That's only a little over $7 per bottle, and it looks like it could be a really good gift.  At, they have a 12 pack of bottles for $99, but there's a 15% off code WINESURVEY and free shipping.  Here's the description of the wines you'll receive. 

    Stocking up on your holiday wines has never been easier or more affordable!  Enjoy 3 bottles each of a Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah-Malbec from Chile plus a Shiraz Cabernet and fruity Chardonnay from Australia. Enjoy for yourself or send as a gift!  But hurry. this amazing deal will not last long: good only while supplies last!

    Enjoy!  It might be the perfect gift for someone who's hard to buy for.

    Amazon Pet Gifts

    We've forgotten our 4-legged friends, so I'll get to it this morning. Pet gift deals are harder to find that kids' gifts. Is this because people with pets instead of kids have more spare money to spend on them?




    December 12, 2010

    4-for-3 Glassware Gifts

    While perusing the glassware section for something I actually needed, I found some really nice items in the 4-for-3 section. Most of the ones I am posting are 50% or more off, in the "under $20" range, and then you buy 3 and get 1 free. I can see some great gifting potential for many of these. (Make sure you click over to "buy from Amazon to qualify for the promotion.)

    This Pfaltzgraff Winterberry set would be great!  We're looking at $60 for the serving bowl, pitcher, and 2 sets with 4 glasses each--$170 original price for only $60.

    These last two aren't in the 4-for-3, but match that great decanter set in the first line of items and are pretty low-priced.

    Home Depot Kids' Clinics

    I know I give a lot of love to Lowe's for their Build and Grow Clinics, but the Home Depot clinics look equally awesome.  We just don't have a Home Depot that's close enough for a quick trip out in the morning.  I was adding the next Lowe's clinic to my calendar (January 8, so register now!  It's still open) and saw that I had a Home Depot one listed on January 1.  Thinking this must be an error, I went to check it out. 

    They are indeed having a Home Depot Kids Workshop on New Year's Day.  If you are up and about, they've changed the time to accommodate the late night activities of the night before.  On January 1, from 11 am-2 pm (instead of 9-12 like usual) they will be building a pretty nifty looking battery storage case.

    If you're interested in this, you can see more information and register HERE.

    Lowe's Build and Grow Update, Pt. 2

    I've gotten several questions about the train and how to get the other train cars when you have missed previous clinics. Saturday the 18th is the last day for the train build, and they will be making the engine.

    When I was at our store yesterday, I quizzed the man who tends the Build and Grow clinics for us about this.  He told me a few bits of information that may be useful.  Of course, this information will be for my local store, but a call to yours might not be such a bad idea. 
    • The website allows only 50 people to pre-register.  After that, it will show that it's full.
    • At least at our store, they receive 75 kits.  The extra 25 are meant to cover the people who haven't yet registered.
    • He said that if people call the store and say that the registration is full, he'll put them down on one of the 25 extra kits.
    • Every clinic, there are a certain number of people who don't show up at the assigned clinic time.  If you've registered, you can pick it up later in the day or even as late as Monday. 
    • The unclaimed kits are just set back.  He implied (and I don't want to get him in trouble by putting words in his mouth that don't jive with the company policy) that he might bring out the leftover kits next week for the people who might have missed one of the previous train cars.  
    • AHH!  Forgot the last, and most important answer to the questions I've received.  Lowe's has many kits available for purchase, both in store (much bigger selection at our store) and online.  Our guy seemed to think they would come out with some of the train cars to sell at the store within a few months.  It's not instant gratification, but it completes the train set.
    The bottom line, though.  Call your local store and ask the questions.  I'm a firm believer that it never hurts to ask.  I always tell my kids, ask nicely, but no fits if they tell you no.  The same goes for adults.

    Under $5 Toys List Growing

    The list of toys under $5 is growing, and many of these toys were $20 or more before.  They add more toys to the list all the time, and it's going to keep growing as we get closer to Christmas.  This is that time, where most people have finished their shopping or are too nervous to shop online, but with free 2 day shipping on many items, these will still make it.  They're also what I use to stock my gift closet.  It's great when you can buy a $15 popular toy for $3.99 and have it ready when you need a gift later in the year.

    So, without further ado, the newest and best from the list. (And you can check yourself for what you want)

    The under $10 list is also HUGE, and watch for some of those to go even lower Monday.  There are at least 3 pages of toys on each of those links in the bulleted list, sure to be something for every kid on your list.
    I may explore the games later in a different post, because we always love more board games here.