March 5, 2013

HyVee Stacking Savings

This is a great week to shop at Hy-Vee.  Right now, there are a ton of awesome ways to save.  Let me go through it all. 

  • First, Hy-Vee is again doing the promotion where you buy a small deep freeze for $189.99 and get the equivalent of that amount back in groceries.  This promotion lasts through 3/25, so you have a bit for this one.
  • Also, you have the fuel saver program, which I have found to be an awesome opportunity to save on my gas and groceries.  I have been regularly saving 40-60 cents a gallon!  With 20 gallons, that savings can really add up.
  • NOW, I have just discovered that you are able to link the Fuel Saver card to Saving Star!  Saving Star works IN ADDITION to your other coupons.  
  • If you use HyVee coupons, plus manufacturers' coupons, then get Fuel Saver gas savings and Saving Star payouts, you can really add up a lot of savings from one shopping trip.