March 15, 2012

More FREE Kindle Downloads

I'm really missing those quarter downloads for popular books and music. I went searching again this morning, and to make up for the depression, I decided I'd do a thorough search in the free downloads again.

Here are some interesting ones I found today, and remember that these often aren't free for long. These are all from the nonfiction section today.

And what I love about free books--I can collect them all in my cloud on Amazon. They aren't taking up memory space. I can read them when I want, or throw them out if I hate them. I may never run out of reading material.

Confession time: I've been wanting a Kindle for years, and I finally saved up my Swagbucks earnings and made the decision to buy the Kindle Fire. I was wavering between the basic Kindle (with special offers it's only $79!) and the Kindle Fire, but the chance for a refurbished Fire for $30 less helped push me to it. For some reason, $169 just sounds a whole lot more palatable to me than $199.

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