August 4, 2012

August Amazon Grocery Deals

I took a few months off on the grocery deals, since they seemed to be pretty dead over the summer. I just went to check for back to school grocery deals, and they are HERE!  As always, remember that all Amazon deals can change day by day, and they can also sell out at any time.  These prices should last out the month of August, but the popular ones might not.

We'll start with the "clippable" click coupons.  They're always listed in my Amazon post on top, but I'll include them here as well.  I understand people in NY state may not get as many as those of us in other places.  The key here is that the coupons change when you refresh, so if you don't see one that is mentioned, refresh till you do.

The Managers' specials are HERE.

Now for the coupon codes and markdowns!  Remember there's already the 15% with Subscribe and Save, so the coupon code is just added to the per cent off.  You can see all the deals right here .

My favorites:

Several Kellogg's breakfast choices are 25% off.  Subscribe and Save option drops it more. I remember about a year ago when my buy point for cereal was under $1 per box.  Now $2 is an excellent price. 

Breakfast Foods
Snack Foods

For me, I like 25-50 cents per snack if I can do it.  I'll go slightly over 50 cents if they are organic or all-natural.
Lunchbox Stuffers
  •  GoGo SqueeZ items are on sale right now, and 15% off.  I always jump on these when I can get them for under 50 cents per pouch.  The ones $28 and under fit the bill, by the time you take off the 15% for Subscribe and Save.
  • Another favorite around here are the Stretch Island fruit leathers.  You can get them for around 30 cents each right now.
  • Organic Valley milk around $1 each.
  • Hershey's Chocolate milks under $1 each.
Remember, these may go in and out of stock as the sale goes on.  

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