April 12, 2013

Swagbucks Special Event

I know I have mentioned Swagbucks many times, but if you still haven't tried it, it's a great time to start!  They're having a Spring Into Action event, with lots of extra earnings opportunities through the end of April.  Right now, you will get 50 extra Swagbucks for signing up using the code SPRINGIN2SWAG.

Lately, I have been earning about $50 per month from Swagbucks, and I basically do all the earning in the first hour of the day while I drink my coffee and read around the web.  Since Swagbucks has added more ways to earn since my original Swagbucks post, here is my official list of ways to earn.

  • Get 1 SB every day for answering the daily poll on the answer tab at the top.
  • Get 1 SB every day for the NOSO stream on the discover tab at the top. (just click no thanks on 3-4 offers)
  • Go to the front page, and there are always a lot of 1 and 2 buck videos.  Just click through and open all of them and let them run.
  • Earn anywhere from 6 to 100 on a search win.  I usually get one every morning and just do a few searches till it happens.
  • After that, I go through the special offers tabs under discover.  My favorite areas are RadiumOne (always lots of 1 and 2 buck videos) and Peanut Labs (tons of good surveys).  The PaymentWall page also has surveys.  I tend to avoid the other walls simply because they don't have the easy earnings I look for.
  • Also under the answer tab are the Swagbucks surveys.  You can get 1 buck for disqualifying from the surveys, so some days that is what I am for.
  • Print your coupons through Swagbucks (also under the Discover tab) and get 10 SB per coupon that you print and use.  I always make sure to leave the coupons I won't use at the grocery store.  Then I still get my 10 SB and someone else gets a savings on the items. 
  • Watch videos for SB.  This is under the Watch tab, and you'll get 3 SB for every 10 you watch.  I rarely use this earnings opportunity.  I don't have the time in the day, and I don't think the time required makes it worth it.
  • I prefer using my mobile phone to watch videos with SBTV Mobile.  The videos continue to play with very little effort on my part, and I get 2 SB for every 5 videos.  This is something else that I make part of my morning routine.
  • My favorite new earning opportunity is the daily goal.  Every day there is a new goal, and you will get a 10% bonus for every day that you meet the goal.  If you hit the goal every day of the month, you get an additional 200 SB in addition to the daily bonus.  You can receive over 500 SB bonus just for reaching the goal every day.
  • Use your earnings to buy rewards.  My rewards always start with $5 Amazon Gift Cards, because they are the best deal.  At 450 SB each, it makes each Swagbuck a little better than a penny.  You are able to buy 5 of each type of reward, so my next goal is a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  I generally get this much each month, so $50 total.  
It's as easy as that.  There are many other ways to earn--you can use the shop and earn area, though I prefer to do my shopping through Ebates.  You can earn Swagbucks playing games as well.  You can earn Swagbucks by referring your friends, so please use the link I posted if you like the information I provided.

These are my earnings for each day in April so far. The first number is the daily goal, the second is my actual earning for the day, and the third is the bonus I received for making the goal.


Happy Earning!

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