November 25, 2013

Favorite Amazon Deals Today

The lightning deals are ramping up for deals week as Amazon tries to beat the big box stores to their Black Friday deals.  If you have something specific you're looking for, check Amazon first.  They seem to be matching a lot of store deals.

BOGO50% off games are a great deal, especially the really popular ones.  That link has 10 pages of games.  These are just a few that I like.

Leapfrog Explorer games are 50% off, only $12.50 right now.  That's a great price!

The Lightning Deals for Toys today have a lot of RC cars and great gifts for boys.

Lightning Deals for Video Games have tons of Skylanders!

40% off K'Nex sets

And as always, all the links you need to find your own deals:

Here is the main Black Friday week page, with everything.

Lightning deals schedules:

The lightning deals links:
Some other helpful deal links:

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