November 4, 2012

Amazon Black Friday Preview

There aren't many deals yet, but Amazon has started the lightning deals.  Watch this space for more deals as I become aware of them.  For now, here's what I have:

  • Amazon Prime.  This gets you free two day shipping, which I love for the shopping season.  It also gets you unlimited instant streaming on Prime Instant Videos and allows you to borrow one free book a month from Amazon Instant Lending Library.  All of this can be yours for $79, but there are still some free options to be had.  
  • Amazon Student works for a free 6 months, but you have to be enrolled in college or university.
  • Amazon Mom is still available if you haven't used that yet.  It will get you a free 3 months of Prime.

It's still early, but they have the links working.  Some of these are holding pages, but they will be active once we get closer to Black Friday and beyond.
  • Black Friday deals are HERE.   They actually do already have some lightning deals going on, so go ahead and start watching for your favorites.
  • Cyber Monday isn't for 21 more days, but they've got the page up and running and ready HERE.
  • Top Holiday Deals won't go live for 28 more days, but the link is ready and waiting for you HERE.
  • Holiday Toy List also has some lightning deals and good pricing.  You can check that out HERE.
That's all the news so far.  I will work hard to keep updating as I learn more.

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