November 5, 2012

Amazon Canon DSLR Deals

Pretty great deal if a DSLR is on your list!  Canon is my personal choice, and I waver back and forth on the T3 or the T3i when I am dreaming of my new camera.  Right now, the price difference between the two is close enough to go for the slightly better one.  The T3i is nearly $100 cheaper than other online places right now, and it comes with a lot of freebies. The T3 is $50 off.

Start with either of the cameras, just click the picture to go to the page.  Then you add the card and one of the lenses.  The discounts come off automatically when you check out.  No coupon code necessary.  

T3i, $649 elsewhere, $584 here.
This is free with your purchase, as is $2 in MP3.
Choose $100 or $150 off one of these two lenses (I chose the 75-300):
$619.35 for all of that! That's less than just the camera would cost anywhere else. Love it. You can get the same deal with the Rebel T3, and it starts at $449.
 These deals last through November 21, so you have a couple of weeks to think on it.

 I will work out the deals with Nikon later.

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