July 23, 2011

Story County Fair

I was remiss in not posting about the Story County Fair, which started Friday night!

Since not everyone is local to me, I found a comprehensive list of all the county fairs in Iowa.  I know people who have never been to the fair, but it was a big part of my life growing up in rural Iowa.  If you have never been, go and check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

I put the dates for the Story County Fair into my calendar, but I also wanted to highlight some of the best events.

  • Tuesday they will have a fair tour and kids' activities at 9 am and 2 pm.  This will start in the 4H Hall building.  In the past, they've had this every day of the fair, but I only see Tuesday, then again on Wednesday at 9 am. 
  • TODAY should be a great day for smaller children.  They will have the small animal shows beginning at 11 am, with dog and cat shows and a rabbit hopping show in the afternoon.  There is also a petting zoo that day from 3-7 pm.

  • Go try out the food!  The Methodist Church has a stand with tons and tons of homemade pies, and the food prices are so reasonable!  Get a corn dog for $1.50, a walking taco for $2.  They even have root beer floats for dessert for only $1.50.  They will be serving all day long, with homemade breakfasts starting at 6 am.
  •  Check out the full schedule HERE.  And did I mention that admission to the fair is FREE for everyone?  Couldn't be better.

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