August 17, 2011

FREE Rentals from Blockbuster Kiosk

First off, my apologies for so long without posting.  I was on a trip, then have been catching up on work that got let behind.  I may still be a little sparse with the posts for a while, so I'll limit my findings to the really great freebies.  How about a whole pile of free Blockbuster movie rentals?

These only work for the $1 rentals.

August 19:
  • 27TGAF6 
  • 34BCRD4 
  • 62BRAB4 
  • 98ARDQ2 
  • 92JEAH8 
  • 29SGJC3 
  • 65PPLA8
August 20
  • 68HLG3W
August 22
  • 26PBCG2
  • 68TTDR5
  • 29BRAB6
  • 22JEAH4
  • 58PPLA7
 Each code can be used once per account, so this should keep you entertained for a few days.

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