August 25, 2011


I noticed this in the HyVee circular yesterday, and it's a great stock up opportunity. This is for their 3-day sale, so Thursday-Saturday only. Get 9 packs of Charmin extra strong or extra soft for only $3.99. If you really want to clean up (heh) this is a great opportunity for you to use up all your Charmin coupons.

In my coupon sorter, I have:
  • $2 off Charmin from the Charmin Sensitive coupon book, making them $1.99 each.
  • 25 cents off Charmin from either of the last two Brandsaver coupon inserts.
Even without the coupons, this is a pretty good opportunity.  While inside the store, I noticed that they also have 20 pack double rolls of Charmin Basic (so the equivalent of 40 rolls) for $7.49, also a pretty great deal.

They also have Lunchables with Fruit 10/$10 and HyVee brand pastas for 77 cents per box. 

If you're like me, you can go to Fareway and get all of these items price matched while saving money on the rest of your groceries.  I love that our local Fareway almost always has the items already reduced without me even having to ask.

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