May 18, 2012

Free or Cheap Kids' Movies -- Summer 2012

If you're looking for more great FREE things to do with your children this summer, you can also check out my previous blog posts labeled SSSS (summer sanity savers series.)  Be sure to click read older posts to see all of them.

Free summer movies seem to be going by the wayside.  Two years ago, there were freebies everywhere.  I will post what I can find.  If your area has free or low cost movies, let me know in the comments and I'll get it added here. 
  • Regal Theaters has gone to $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00, with proceeds going ot the WIll Rogers Institute.  You can check here for their Regal Summer Movie Express.
  • Cinemark has 10 movies for $5 if you purchase the tickets in advance.  Even if you don't do every one, $1 a show is a decent price.  Learn more about Cinemark's Summer Movie Clubhouse HERE.  In Ames, print this flyer for the schedule and $1 off your snacks.  Click here for Jordan Creek.
  • The Ames Public Library offers free movies every Friday at 2:00 pm.  They usually have some popcorn as well.  I'm sure your local library does something similar.
  • Showcase Cinemas has Bookworm Wednesday, in which kids get to watch a free movie IF they have read a certain number of books.  There isn't much information on this one yet, but watch this page for more details.

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