May 29, 2012

Summer Fun is on the Way

I apologize for the sparse posting, but we just got through our three day weekend and we're transitioning to life without school right now, as well as a job change for me.

Even though I haven't posted a lot, take a look at that free fun calendar over there! You could stay away from home all day every day in the central Iowa area, and never be bored again. If you missed the latest round of Summer Sanity Savers, you might want to take some time to scroll through all the posts there. As always, if you know of an event or have a question about a place, let me know in the comments or through email and I'll look into it.

I also have to share a little of what we've been doing here. My younger one loves animals of all sorts. We had an opportunity to get some toad eggs from a friend's pond, so we brought a few home. I've been having the kids journal their observations, and I just thought this one was cute. (She just turned 5)

And here are our newly hatched tadpoles.  We are just transferring them to a  larger environment because they're outgrowing their current one.  I'll post a bit more about them later in the month as they grow legs.

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