January 11, 2012

Amazon Community Coffee, Keurig Deal

Stock up on some good coffee, and take advantage of this chance to get two Ekobrews for your Keurig.  Right now, Community Coffee on Amazon has a 10% off coupon using code COMMUN92 through the end of January.  They also have the 15% subscribe and save discount.

There are a lot of great coffee types that will end up very inexpensive with the stacked discounts, and my favorite: get two Ekobrew filters for your Keurig and a bag of coffee for $22.50.  Subscribe and save always comes with free shipping from Amazon, and you will be able to change or cancel your subscription at any time.

On all of these listed below, be sure to see that some are 6 packages for that price, and the list price doesn't have the discount figured in.


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