January 30, 2012

FREE Admission to Czech and Slovak Museum

Many might not know this, but much of the Czech and Slovak museum was involved in the huge floods in Cedar Rapids in 2008. They have slowly been restoring and rebuilding, and are due to have the grand opening of their brand new facility on July 14. In the meantime, the museum has returned to the Czech village, and is housed in the Kosek Building.

A new exhibit has been set up, titled "Rising Above: The Story of a People and the Flood." From February 1 through July 13, they are offering free admission.

I don't see this information on the museum's website yet, but Travel Iowa announced it on their Facebook page. If you haven't already liked Travel Iowa, you should. It's a great place to find out the latest information on free and fun activities in your area. One of our favorite freebies just came in the mail last week! The 2012 Iowa Travel guide. We use ours to plan out our weekend activities and find out information about staycation opportunities in our area. Click HERE to get yours.

Another exciting development for Cedar Rapids: they will be able to show off their rebuilding effort to the world when RAGBRAI makes an overnight stop.

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