January 31, 2012

Amazon Grocery Deals, 1/31

I've found some really good deals today for Lipton Teas. If you're a tea drinker, this looks like a terrific opportunity to stock up.

First, there's a 50 cent coupon off these select Lipton products, then remember that you will also get 15% off when you choose subscribe and save.

Check out the quantities! This first one is 24 boxes of 16 bags, and it will only be $8.80 after the two discounts. The rest are still awesome deals.

The next coupon is $1.00 off when you buy two of these Ragu sauces. These are 4 packs of the large 45 ounce jar, and some of these are marked down to around $16. Once you subtract the two discounts, you're down around $3 per jar.

One last find. These Quaker Chewy bars have a coupon for 20% off, then there's the additional 15% off. I just checked out with the peanut butter chocolate chip ones for $1.75 a box.

Stock up and save.

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