February 11, 2012

Random Amazon Deals 2/11

I was trying to put together a post about one thing, then would find something else good, then something else. They don't fit into one neat category, so there you have it.

These two Lock & Lock sets are way marked down today only.  I love this stuff, and the prices are awesome.

Some great DVD deals:

All You, 12 issues for $12! If you're like me and don't shop in the only store where you can purchase these, it's a great opportunity. You'll make up for the whole year's subscription with the first issue's coupons. The articles are great, too.

There is shipping on this, but it would be a great gift for just over $20.

Grammy Award Winning artists are being featured right now in the music store. They're having lightning deals all week long in preparation for the Grammies, with most albums being $6.99-$7.99 during their run. You can see all the stuff HERE, and they also have this great disk of 22 awesome Grammy nominees for $9.99.

There is also a whole list of $5 MP3 albums of past Grammy winners.  I thought I had posted this earlier, but I didn't.  If you send any album to anyone, you can take $2 off--even the $5 ones!  That means you could buy and send some really great albums for only $3.  What a Valentine's Day gift.  Click here for more information.

One last thing: want to watch some new movies for free?  Amazon is doing a test market for previously unreleased movies.  What a fun opportunity to influence what movies get made.  12 Princesses looks great!  It's a retelling of a Grimm Fairy Tale.   

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