April 1, 2012

April Amazon Grocery Deals

April already!

We'll start with the "clippable" click coupons.  They're always listed in my Amazon post on top, but I'll include them here as well.  I understand people in NY state may not get as many as those of us in other places.  The key here is that the coupons change when you refresh, so if you don't see one that is mentioned, refresh till you do.

The Managers' specials are HERE.

Now for the coupon codes and markdowns!  Remember there's already the 15% with Subscribe and Save, so the coupon code is just added to the per cent off.  You can see all the deals right here

(So far, they still have the March deals, but I will add the new ones when they come)

For now, take advantage of 50% off Easter candy, and:

  • Some great deals on Kellogg's cereals.  It became apparent that I need to review my opinion of a good price, since HyVee recently had these for half price--$2 a box!  Here is the link to all the ones on sale.  I don't see any stellar deals right now, but the prices will drop throughout the month.
  • The Movers and Shakers list, which will show you the deals being snapped up.  I check this every day to find the best Amazon grocery prices.
Watch throughout the month for the short term deals.

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