April 7, 2012

Kindle Fire Accessories

If you bought the Kindle Fire for $139 last week, you may now be looking for inexpensive accessories. I have discovered a nice case for $9.19, styluses 3 for $1.00, and two screen protectors for $7.99. For under $20, you can outfit your Kindle Fire in style.

If you missed the Kindle Fire for $139, they still have the refurbished Fires for $169. It's a good price, and I've discovered so many benefits that come with your purchase.
  • The refurbished Kindle Fire comes with the same one year warranty as the new Kindle Fire.
  • Both the new and refurb Fires come with one month free Amazon Prime.  The Amazon Prime gets you unlimited streaming video, free access to the Kindle owners lending library, and of course free two day shipping.
  • Free Cloud storage for all of your content from Amazon.
  • Apps for everything!  We recently took the Kindle Fire on vacation with us, and we were able to stream movies and TV shows from Amazon and Netflix.
  • Don't forget all the free books!  I have almost 300 books on my Kindle, and the only ones I bought were the 25 cent deals I posted a few weeks ago.  We have cookbooks, childrens' books, and every genre you could imagine. 

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