December 10, 2012

Amazon Best Deals 12/10

Here are the best links and deals for today.

Today's featured store is: The Kindle Store.  I expect to see some great price drops today as we get closer to Christmas.

Some of my favorite deals:

Great deals on Chuck trucks and play sets.

This Canon T3 is a great deal!  Only $399, and loaded with freebies.  I added all of these items to my cart, and the total was only $418.  (Only add one of the bags, but you get to choose.)  This lens is out of stock right now, but will still ship later.  Use coupon code MIVIL56R to get $150 off the lens.

Some under $5 girls toys:

And don't forget the usual suspects to find your own best deals.

All the links you need

  The lightning deals links:

Some other helpful toy deal links:
And the rest of the deals:


jemax said...

I can't get the code for the canon deal to work. :-(

Amy said...

it is specific to the lens. if you chose a different lens, it would be a different code.

Amy said...

also, make sure that you choose the lens sold by Amazon. I noticed that the default one when the page loads is sold by someone different and a little higher price.

Jemax said...

Got it! That was my was sold by someone else.
Thank you!!