January 23, 2013

Kid Convos

They are 8 and 5 for these exchanges.  Just typical of their interactions, one fights with her words, the other with her fists.

(actual photo.  Possibly their first fist fight.)

The younger one has the sharing bag, and is looking for something to put in it that starts with the letter N.

BG: You could bring in a nuisance.
LG: I don't HAVE a nuisance!
BG: Will you fit in the bag?


LG (eating carrots): I'm serious!  It's yogurt, it's orange, and you eat it with your hands.
BG: Did you know that eating orange yogurt with your hands is a sign of low intelligence?  Besides, it shouldn't crunch like that.
LG: It's frozen yogurt!

(more punching)

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