January 13, 2013

A Little Different

Bear with us as we switch out the format.  I will put some of the best bargain information into some permanent posts across the top, and I will leave all the old posts here for searching.  My 9 year old has been wanting to blog for a while, and I have decided to switch up my scope to be even more family-oriented.

For future posts, I will allow a 9 year old guest blogger.  She's a girl with a lot on her mind, and I am going to just let her do what she wants.

I will also introduce my 5 year old through some silly stories and pictures.  She isn't quite as interested in blogging, nor does she have the spelling ability, but she has a lot on her mind.

As I am going to be taking some stories from my personal Facebook page, I will introduce them as the big girl and the little girl.  I was tempted to name them after Roseanne's kids to keep with the title of my blog, but fear I might get too much into copyright infringement.  On occasion they may also be K and C, the older or the younger, but their personalities are so diverse that I think they will soon be recognizable even without names.

I hope that my few loyal readers will enjoy the change.

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