January 20, 2013

The Naughty Pteranodon

I'm sure lots of children have imaginary friends.  My little girl's do all her naughty stuff for her.  This pteranodon used to spend a lot of time in time out, and finally had to stop going out in public with us at all.  The little girl once explained the whole circle of life to a poor woman stuck in the grocery line behind us, and another time he got pretty naughty in Target.

There we were, looking at toilet paper for the best prices.  I was figuring cost per square foot, stacking coupons, and doing all the fancy math required to be a coupon queen, and I wasn't really hearing his dialogue.  As always when he got an audience, the pteranodon chose that time to discuss in detail and with all the potty words he knew what exactly he was going to do with the toilet paper.  As the volume increased, I noticed there was someone else in the aisle with us, looking slightly amused and a little disturbed.

Here he is, after watching the Decorah Eagle cam far too much, tearing up a sheep to feed his babies.

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