January 13, 2013

You Can't Change Crap

As I change the focus of my blog, I fear I will have to allow people to know things about me that maybe I don't like to always admit.  The first one is going to come out eventually, so let's get it out of the way now.

Admission #1: I may have a bit of a potty mouth.  It was MUCH worse before I had children.  Once my older one got big enough to start repeating the stuff that came out of my mouth, I realized I needed to watch it.  Crap is a word I still use way too often.

So, there we were, riding along in our car.  The big girl was about five and the little girl was just over two years old.  All of a sudden, a keening reached our ears in the front.  We pulled over, thinking the big girl had been injured.  Finally calming her enough to get her to speak so we could understand her, she cried out, "you HAVE to change her diaper!  It smells sooooo bad."  Much retching and more wailing followed, so you could just barely hear the little girl pipe up from the back seat, "It's just crap.  You can't change crap."

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