January 16, 2013

You've Got to See This!

This morning, just after I sent my two children out to meet the bus, I suddenly heard a commotion.  The little girl, unable to open the door with her gloves on, was pounding on the door and repeatedly ringing the doorbell as I hurried to get to the door.  The big girl was also yelling, so I was already picturing a horrible disfiguring accident.  Why is it always hard to get to the door when it's an emergency?

I finally got down, and the yelling got louder as the door opened.  MOM!  MOM!  You have to see this sunrise!

This is just a bad cell phone picture that doesn't even begin to do the morning justice.  The significance for me, however, is that in this world of too many indoor distractions, video games, and TV, I've managed to get that love of the outdoors instilled in the two young children who live with me.

I love that they not only appreciated the rare beauty of a full-colored sunrise, but that they came back to make sure that I could appreciate it with them.

Always in with the bargains, I've had information about free fun events for children and families, and I've reviewed a few places that we've visited and loved.  It's so much more difficult to do a blog post like that rather than throw up a few bargain links, but that is where I am heading more with my blog.  I'll try not to get too heavy for too long.

If you want to read through some of my older wandering posts, just click the link.  Go wandering with us.

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