January 26, 2013

Thred Up

This is sort of a combination bargain/kid post, and I'll throw in a little downsizing in the process.  I recently ordered from ThredUP (read down for bargain alert!) for the second time, and I just have to sing their praises.  The last time I just opened the box and threw it out, but this time I took the time to photograph the beauty.

First, you get this awesome looking box.

That's just the outside, though.  Inside the box were some of the most gorgeous, like-new dresses for some incredible prices.  My kids were thrilled with their "new" clothes.  They come carefully wrapped in tissue, and again let me commend the quality of the items received.  These dresses were great name brands like Gymboree and Rare Editions, and a couple of them looked like they had never been worn. 

Also in the package is your own prepaid envelope to send back the items that you would like to sell.  Because the best part of ThredUP is that you will be able to earn credit for shopping by sending them back your own gently used clothing items.

Want even more reason to try out ThredUp?  If you click through this link, you will get $10 off and free shipping on your first order with code SHIPJAN13.

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