June 10, 2011

Amazon Friday Sale, 6/10

The Friday Sale is a bonanza for anyone needing baby and toddler foods. Remember that most of these things will extend the length of your Amazon Mom Prime account, though they are no longer sending subscribe and save items the fastest way.  Don't have Amazon Mom?  Be sure to read the link to check out all the benefits.

There are TONS of Gerber Graduates products on sale. As always, there's the extra 15% off with Subscribe and Save, and 15% off with code GERBR434 at checkout.  Most of these are 6 of whichever canister it is for under $10, which brings them about $1.40 a package.  I haven't bought veggie puffs for a while, but they were close to $3 a jar then.  You can just click on one of the pictures to see more.

By the way, I am trying to work on the look of the posts.  As a reader, do you prefer the picture alone like above, or the picture with the price like below?    I think the picture only looks a lot nicer, but it's sometimes nice to get the price in with it.

The other items that are good deals in the Friday sale today are Earth's Best Organic smoothies.  They say for toddlers, but my older kids like them for an occasional on the go treat. These come down to around $1 per package when you use code EBSMOTH3 and S&S, not bad for an organic treat.

Can't get enough of the healthy treats?  Plum Organics also are represented in the Friday Sale today.  Even organic, these containers come out to around $2 a can.  Not bad.  Use code PLUMPUF2 for the additional savings.

There are also some coffees in the Friday sale. Check out the whole sale HERE.

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