June 6, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals 6/6

$8.84 for 12 oatmeal bars.

$10.57 for 30 organic fruit leathers.

Several of these Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffees are marked down pretty far, and don't forget to clip the coupon before you check out! That gives you another 40% off.

$6.10 for 36 packages of animal crackers

$9.36 for 36 packages of snacks. My kids love the scooby snacks dipped in peanut butter.

$12 for 20 packs of Annie's Fruit snacks.

These aren't groceries, but they're great deals!

Slip n Slide for $9.99! Perfect for summer.

12 animal masks for just over $4

This is a great playset for $18.

Cool learning tool.

Those toys came from the one week sale on toys and games. Check it out here.

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