June 5, 2011

Local Library Summer Fun

I just realized that I failed to post about the local library events, and here it is summer already.  I like two of the ones near us, but I'm sure that there are great events at the library closest to you.  I love the theme this year--It's "One World, Many Stories."  If you're looking to extend your learning past the library experiences, you could choose one favorite story and explore how it is retold throughout other cultures.

I once wrote a whole study unit using Cinderella stories from around the world, and it's just so interesting to see how different countries' cultures affect the telling of the same story, and also how the same story can develop through the idea of the collective unconscious.

Enough of the psychological mumbo jumbo, I'll get on with the story times.

Here is Nevada's summer schedule.  Please note that you must pre-register for the story times based on age group.  There are special activities every Wednesday afternoon that are open to everyone.  These will all be added to my free fun calendar, but check them out here as well.

  • Dan Wardell from IPTV, June 8th at 1pm and 2pm
  • Center Stage Dance, June 15th at 2pm
  • Story County Conservation, June 22nd at 2pm
  • Miss Betty introduces India, and face paints the audience, June 29th at 2pm
  • Ice Cream Social, July 6th at 2pm
  • Worldly Goods presents treasures from around the world, July 13th at 2pm
  • Mike Anderson, music performer, showcases some unusual instruments, July 20th at 2pm. 
The Ames Public Library also has great activities, and many options for story times.  I like that there isn't a need to pre-register and you can go at whatever time serves your needs.   Because I have kids in different stages of development, I'll highlight my two favorite programs.
  • The family craft story time is great!  It lasts 45 minutes, with stories and music first, followed by a make and take craft.  You also get to choose the day!  It's held Tuesday-Friday at 10 every morning.  (The same activities all week long, so you only need to go once, or you can do it 4 times if it's a favorite.)
  • Saturdays Around the World will be held from 1-2 pm, with some really fun and exciting themes.  You can check out their page for all the details.
If you haven't had a chance yet, you can also check out all of my summer sanity savers by clicking on the SSSS tag.  I've tried to compile all the activities into one spot, and most items get into my free fun calendar on the right as well.  Maybe we'll see you there!

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