June 3, 2011

New Amazon Freebies, Droid Apps

I'll have to start adding this to the monthly Amazon freebie post, because there are some good free apps to get for your Android phone.  First, they have a daily free app HERE.  Today's free one is perfect for an office worker on a Friday. It's called Office Jerk.  We all have one, and you know you've always dreamed of doing this to him:

You can click the picture to get it. I still have a flip phone because I'm incredibly cheap. Order it for me and tell me how fun it is.

Much like the free Kindle books and the free MP3s, Amazon has made it easy to find the free Android Apps on their site.  You simply look at their bestsellers list, and the free ones are on the right side.   Here are some that look great to me.  You'll want to check out for yourself.

And some for your shopping needs:

I have noticed this, but wanted to mention in case people don't know.  If you are unable to see the items I've listed, you'll need to disable Ad Block for my blog.  I could just post the links, but the posts look prettier with the photos attached.  Since they're basically Amazon ads, they're blocked if you use an ad blocker.

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