December 13, 2011

Amazon Toys for Boys 12/13

As I posted earlier today, the cheap toy deals are starting now, with a ton of great under $5 and under $10 toys. I focused on the under $5 toys in the first post, then the best deals for toys for girls. This post will have toys for boys, everything under $10.

I'll post the picture with the price to let you see before you bother clicking.

Last year, I was able to get the entire Dinosaur Train and all the figures by buying them one piece at a time when they dropped to my preferred price.  It looks like you could fill out a pretty nice Cars 2 set this way or collect all the Kreo Transformers.  There are some awesome prices.

Tech Deck


Thomas the Train



Cars/Cars 2

Hot Wheels

Kreo Transformers

Nerf Guns

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