December 23, 2011

Greatest Hits #5

It's so busy at this time of the year that I decided I'm going to count down the 5 posts with the highest number of hits, sort of a greatest hits type of thing. This should get me through the rest of the year, and maybe I'll throw in a few good freebies as I find them. If you came looking for Amazon shopping deals, you can find all the best information in my Making the Most of Amazon post above, or the deals post directly below this one.

So, #5 was this Canon SLR deal post. Obviously this deal is long dead, but there is an awesome Canon deal that I posted on December 20 that IS still available. If you're in the market for a good SLR, this would be the deal I'd take if I had an extra $600 or so lying around.

(copy and paste below)

Here's a great DSLR deal! The Canon T3i is a big favorite, but right now they have some good markdowns. If you buy the T3i with 18-55 mm lens right now, it is $200 off at just $699. It also comes with some good freebies. You'll get this backpack, a 16 GB memory card, a free Tiffin filter, and potentially a free printer. You'll want to click this link for all the details, but the printer is just over $400. Until December 31, you'll get $400 gift card with the purchase of this camera and this printer. FREE 1 day shipping, too! 

If you're also looking for some books to help you use your camera better, I'd recommend these:

Check them out at the library first, but you may find you always want them on hand. Enjoy!

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