December 31, 2011

Year End Earnings Wrap-up

I have posted before about some different ways to earn money with online activities.  You can read the overview HERE.  If you have questions about individual earnings sites, you can contact me through the comments.  As stated before, I would never endorse a site unless I had gotten paid by them.  I won't inflate my earnings to make it sound better than it is, but I also don't spend as much time as possible on the different sites.

I want to say that Swagbucks singlehandedly funded my Christmas shopping.  If you haven't done Swagbucks yet, or if you started it but didn't really do much, you may want to give it another look.

Search & Win

Ok, the totals.  I may have forgotten some sites, so I will add to them as I remember.  I usually request payments from all right before the end of the year so that I can use the extra money for shopping.  Ebates pays out as the payments arrive, and I do order Amazon gift cards all year long from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks: $390, mostly in Amazon gift cards but some Paypal (cash!) payouts.  I currently have enough Swagbucks for another $50 Amazon gift card, but I'm waiting for the first of the month.
Inbox Dollars: $36.38 check
FreeRide: $25 AGC
MyPoints: $30 B&N gift cards
Ebates: $33.93 in Paypal

I'm going to have to go back and check out the survey sites and add that information here later.  Total for the year-- $515.31.  Again, I did not get rich, but the extra money was great for Christmas shopping.  I also use some of my Swagbucks Amazon earnings throughout the year to buy some grocery items.

Read my descriptions for each one.  I do not do the high point offers that need a credit card or free trials that need to be cancelled.  Each one of these, I do the bare minimum.  I also was much busier this year, with two or three jobs at times.  Some sites fell by the wayside so that I didn't even always click all the easy email points.

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