December 14, 2011

Video Games 19 Days of Deals 12/14

Every day, a different deal. Sometimes they interest me, sometimes they don't. I suppose every deal works for someone, like yesterday's.

Today, they have their Video Games deal of the day, located HERE.  Today is is Kids Playtime Games!  Now that interests me, and I'm guessing it interests a lot of my readers. Here are a couple of my favorites, but you should check it out for yourself--there are simply too many to post.

The big toy selloff continues from yesterday. As most of the deals I posted yesterday are still going on, I'd invite you to scroll down to see the three huge toy-laden posts I did yesterday. The links have prices attached, so you'll easily see if the item is sold out or if the price went back up.

One last good deal, and it is TODAY ONLY. If you've been in the market for the Canon T3i, today they are giving a $50 Amazon Gift Card with purchase. It's $712 for the camera with kit lens, the price goes up from there if you're wanting a zoom bundled with it.

Oooh, $2 in mp3 credits as well. That ought to be the deal maker.

Here are some more good Amazon links:

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