November 23, 2011

Amazon Gift Idea -- Camera Items

There are some great deals to be had in the Amazon camera department, and I know that cameras are always good gift ideas. I see two really great point and shoot deals, some great prices for accessories, and I will try to get you the absolute best deal on a DSLR for Christmas 2011.

Point and Shoot Deals

Under $100

Under $200

That Lumix is one of the top-rated point and shoot cameras. I've never seen it lower than $199, so $179 is an awesome deal.

Accessories (price included in photo)

SLR Deals

First up, Canon, because it's the one that I love. Amazon has put together six great bundle deals, so you can check them out here.

This one is my favorite, simply because it's affordable and it's really all the average photographer needs. Under $600, no tax or shipping, this simply can't be beat.  This deal gets Even BETTER! when you add in some more freebies!  Buy one of the bundles, get a free memory card and backpack.  Click the (even better) link and order from there, but I'll post the freebies just to see what you'll get. 

If you just want the camera with its "kit lens," these are awesome prices on the T3 and T3i, both with movie mode.

Some great accessories. You can save instantly on a lot of good lenses and speedlites. Check out the link HERE, but my personal favorite is an awesome deal. Get your "nifty fifty" for just over $100, and don't forget the free Tiffen filter.

Buy this tripod, and get the camera bag free.  See the details HERE:

Nikon doesn't seem to have any stellar deals right now, but the D3000 is a good solid camera for under $450.

And this is hands down the best instructional book for learning to use a point and shoot.  I've taken several classes, but the way the author explains it makes it just so simple to understand.  The title of the book is so true, because it completely helps you to understand exposure. This is great, even for someone who has been doing it for a while.

You might also find these useful if you're not as skilled:

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