November 25, 2011

Amazon Black Friday is HERE

I may be the only person who JUST woke up, but I don't go out for Black Friday. I have a couple of times, but it's just so many crowds for a not very good chance I'll get the things I want.

I am excited that Black Friday is here on Amazon. The pre-Black Friday deals were good, but I have expectations for even better. Here are a couple of hints for this year.
  • First, if you have prime, Amazon is offering an incentive to take the slow boat shipping option. You can opt to do the free super saver shipping and you'll get anywhere from $1-3 in free MP3 downloads.  Those download credits can really add up if you normally do a lot of small purchases (like the lightning deals.)
  • They are also giving free MP3 credits with a lot of purchases.  Be sure to check all your emails from Amazon so you don't miss out.
  • Oh, and I didn't post this last night!  Get $2 in free MP3 downloads with code STUDYBRK.  You can enter the code HERE
Here are the best deals I see today:
  • The main Black Friday page.  This has all the lightning deals.
  • Several TV series are under $20.  This includes True Blood, The Wire, and The Sopranos.  Check the link for all the included ones.

  • Black Friday video game deals.  Check HERE for everything.
I've done lots of other gift posts, so let me add them all here:

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