November 4, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals, 11/4

Here are the best grocery deals I see for today. For the monthly deals and coupons,be sure to see my November Amazon grocery post.  If you haven't seen already, peanut butter prices are set to skyrocket mid-November due to peanut shortages.  Most of Amazon's peanut butter has already shot up, but there are a few left low.

This Organic Valley milk is rare to find, especially on sale.

Some other favorites:

These Clif bars are less than 50 cents a piece, and it works for most varieties! Act fast on these, because this is very low. Remember, it's 20 bars for under $7. You should be able to do a different subscribe and save for each kind.

Kashi bars under $2 per box, and they're the yummy ones.

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