November 28, 2011

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

As promised, all the best deals. I'm sorting through the pages of information.

  • First off, all the Amazon Cyber Monday deals on one page.
  • Deal of the Day only!  Kitchenaid professional stand mixer for under $200.  Check it out: originally $499.99, marked down to $259.99, there's a $50 rebate form HERE, and also a free subscription to Food & Wine or Travel & Leisure.  If you choose to refuse the free magazine subscription at the bottom of the rebate form, you will get refunded $24, the cost of the subscription. 

  • Toys Cyber Monday page
  • BOGO Disney Plush.  They seem to be selling out fast (see all HERE), because two for around $17-24 is pretty decent.

  • Some other great toy prices here:
  • In the Electronics Cyber Monday sale, I see some good prospects.  Since I'm posting so many items, I'm including the price with the photo so I don't have to type it twice.  I see two really good point and shoot cameras for under $70.

I've done lots of gift posts, so let me add them all here:
This will be added to throughout the day, so keep checking back...

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