November 18, 2011

Amazon Countdown to Black Friday!

We're getting closer, and Amazon is ramping up for it with a few early deals. Let's see what we have today. First, there are already more lightning deals every day, and there are a lot of good toy deals already. They seem to have a toy theme each day, so look every morning. So far, the lightning deals have been snapped up so quickly I haven't had time to post about them.

  • You can see all the lightning deals on this page. My hint for this one is that you can switch between departments with the little drop down menu. 
  • Need the link to just the crazy electronic deals?  Check right here.  I notice on that page that today they have accessories 40% off, and that TOMORROW will be stocking stuffer day in electronics, with 30% discounts.
  • There's a great bundle deal if you want to buy Sims, or any of the other 2 pages of bundles.  The Sims bundle pack is already 70% off today only, and if you buy any bundle, you'll get $5 to use toward buying another bundle.
  • Select video games (all platforms) are buy one, get one 50% off.   
  • The Holiday Toy List will show you the favorites right now, allow you to sort by age, interest, and price level.  If you're having trouble figuring out what to get, you'll want to check out this page.
  • Do you want just the Toys Black Friday page?  You can find it right here.
  • How about just the Electronics Black Friday page?  It's right here.

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