November 15, 2011

Kindle Fire TODAY!

Did you order one? Do you already have one in your possession? The new Kindle Fire is one of those things on my wish list, but I'm always hesitant to buy the first of any new electronic device. It doesn't stop me from being excited to see one, so if you have one, you have to tell me what you love or don't love about it.

While it looks impressive, the only thing I'm not on board with is the loss of E-Ink technology, thus making it not as easy to read outside. The whole family of Kindles is still available, and $79 is a pretty good price for the good old fashioned Kindle. I remember last year when offering the Kindle for $89 caused a stir of epic proportions in the pre-Holiday shopping.

So don't forget Kindle Fire's cousins this season. These prices are great, and they're proven products.

The special offers actually aren't during the book you're reading, but give you some cool discounts for the rest of your Amazon shopping.  Even better!

Not that I don't still love the looks of the Fire...

Don't forget the free Kindle downloads if you do end up with a Kindle. 

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