November 18, 2011

Amazon Gift Idea -- Kitchen Items

This will be part of a series of posts that will point you to inexpensive gift ideas for your holiday shopping. Most of these are static deals, meaning the price stays pretty steady--but is still a great deal.

The 4-for-3 section is one of my favorite parts, especially with kitchen gadgets. These are already marked down and most are good brand names, PLUS you buy three and get one free.

Make a theme, choose four great items that fit the theme.

Does your person love to bake? What about Wilton? There are 500 Wilton brand items in the promotion!

Wine lover? What about a basket with a few of these and a bottle of good wine? Did you get some free Redwood Creek posters?

How about some kitchen basics for newlyweds or someone in their first home?  Maybe you just need replacements for yourself.

There's the idea. There are over 40,000 items included in this promotion. As you can see from the small sampling that I've included, you can buy good quality, name brand items but still save money.

Here are a few more of my favorite items:

Other parts of the series of inexpensive gift ideas:
There will be more posts, and I will link them all together as I go.

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