December 8, 2011

A Freebie! or not...

Tresemme now claims on their Facebook page that this was an error.

TRESemmé would like to extend our apologies to those who recently signed up for free samples. Unfortunately, that offer was part of a small market research program that was sent to a group of 500 email subscribers, but it ended up going viral and was inadvertently reposted to our Facebook page. As noted on the sign up page, these samples will only be available to those who were sent an email. Thank you for understanding.

I interrupt this Amazon love fest for an honest-to-goodness, really great freebie! This one just came across my Facebook page, so you might be able to get it if you jump quickly. Fill out this form and get a free FULL SIZED Tresemme Split Remedy product. It's legit, it was on Tresemme's actual Facebook page and has a link to Merry Christmas to your hair!

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