December 9, 2011

Amazon Video Game and Flurry Daily Deals 12/9

Today, they have their Video Games deal of the day, located HERE.  It's Family Game day!  There should be something for everyone in those deals.

Amazon also has their Flurry deals all planned out, with a different area having amazing deals every day.  See each day's deals HERE.  Today's area is Electronics!  Should be a great day for deals.  I've already noticed some good drops in Roku players.

More great electronics deals--TiVO and AppleTv under $100, along with some under $100 Bluray players. The LG is under $60. UNDER $500 for a 42 inch TV!

And now we'll add a new daily deal--how about free jewelry with purchase?  Every day there is a new free item with any purchase.   Today you can get this $15 pair of pearl earrings free.

Some good price drops:
Laminator for $16.99. These sell out fast when they drop.

Also, make sure you check out the daily deals on the video games, and note the price drops that INCLUDE the BOGO50% off promotion. (link below in the extra links section) Some of my favorites:

These are out of stock, but if you don't need them right away the deal is still on.

Here are some more good Amazon links:

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